Maoists kill suspected spy in Bihar

Maoists abducted and killed a landless farmer in Bihar's Aurangabad district after suspecting him to be a police spy, police said on Wednesday.

One dead as police fire on car in incident at US spy HQ

Police opened fire and one suspect died Monday after a car tried to ram its way into the headquarters of US National Security Agency, America`s electronic eavesdropper.

North Korea says it has arrested two South Korea spies

 North Korea said it had arrested two South Koreans engaged in espionage for the South`s spy agency, in a move likely to heighten already elevated tensions between the two rivals.

After Rahul Gandhi, govt could spy on officials, parties, media: Congress

Congress on Monday demanded a probe into the alleged snooping on party vice-president Rahul Gandhi as it claimed that the next targets could be persons from the bureaucracy, political parties and media.

CIA gave cops secret technology to spy on cell phones

Empowered by a technology developed by the CIA, the US Justice Department uses secret airborne devices that mimic cellphone towers to track American citizens while hunting criminal suspects, a media report has said.

Leaks from taps cause massive damage to Germany's spy agency

The German spy agency`s new headquarters was flooded by water after several taps were removed by thieves on its upper floors, police said on Thursday.

New Zealand spying on South Pacific allies: Reports

New Zealand is conducting mass spying on its South Pacific neighbours then passing the information to a US-led intelligence alliance, media reports citing leaked documents said on Thursday.

Fugitive ex-US spy Snowden in talks on returning home: Lawyer

A Russian lawyer for Edward Snowden said on Tuesday the fugitive former US spy agency contractor who leaked details of the government`s mass surveillance programmes was working with American and German lawyers to return home.

Widow of murdered spy blames Russian govt for new killing

The widow of murdered Russian spy Alexander Litvinenko thinks the Russian government may have been involved in the murder of leading opposition figure Boris Nemtsov.

Pakistan will go on providing safe havens to LeT: Top US official

Pakistan will continue to provide safe havens to Lashkar-e-Toiba (LeT), an internationally-banned terrorist group, thus remaining a major irritant in ties with India, a top American spy master said on Thursday.

Will fully cooperate in corporate espionage probe: Reliance ADAG

A Reliance ADAG group firm on Friday night said it will "fully cooperate" with the investigative agencies after one of its executives was arrested in connection with the sensational corporate espionage scandal.

`Spy mania` makes comeback in Russia amid Ukraine war

 What do a nuclear scientist, a young mother of seven, a church employee and a former military factory boss have in common? 

Turkey's powerful spy chief resigns to become MP

The powerful head of Turkey's intelligence agency, one of the closest allies of President Recep Tayyip Erdogan, has resigned to stand for election as a lawmaker, the official Anatolia news agency said on Saturday.

Ex-spy chief says outdated UK anti-terrorism laws are not fit for purpose

Britain`s ability to prevent terrorist attacks is hampered by outdated laws that are "no longer fit for purpose", a former MI5 chief said in an interview published on Sunday, as the government considers new powers to monitor the Internet.

China's top spy chief held for corruption

China's top spy Chief, Ma Jian, has been detained for alleged corruption as part of President Xi Jinping's widening crackdown on graft, a media report said on Monday.

Russian spy agency sought to recruit Snowden: Report

A close ally of Edward Snowden has told filmmakers that Russia's intelligence agency sought to recruit the former NSA contractor, but he declined the offer.

"Hong Kong`s first spy" dies in China

A former police officer accused of spying for communist China in one of the former British colony`s highest-profile espionage cases has died, according to reports Tuesday.

Spy agencies' failure resulted in 26/11 Mumbai attacks: Report
Spy agencies' failure resulted in 26/11 Mumbai attacks: Report

In a revelation that sends shivers down one's spine, an investigative report on Tuesday claimed that the attacks in Mumbai in 2008 could have been thwarted had the US, British and Indian spy agencies managed to pull together all the strands gathered by their high-tech surveillance.

Suez canal manager spying for Israel sentenced to 10 years

An Egyptian court has sentenced the manager of a shipping services for 10 years of rigorous imprisonment who was spying for Israel about naval movements through the strategic Suez Canal waterway, state media reported on Sunday.

Russian spy Anna Chapman was ordered to seduce Edward Snowden: Report
Russian spy Anna Chapman was ordered to seduce Edward Snowden: Report

A report claims that a defector has revealed that Russian sex bomb spy Anna Chapman was ordered by her Russian spy bosses to seduce US whistleblower Edward Snowden.