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Warwick Davis reveal his casting in 'Star Wars Episode 7'

Warwick Davis reveal his casting in 'Star Wars Episode 7'

Actor Warwick Davis has revealed he is returning to the 'Star Wars' universe for Episode VII. The 44-year-old actor, whose role has not yet been confirmed, announced the news in a video posted on Facebook and Twitter.

Nothing cynical about 'Star Wars Episode 7': Oscar Isaac

Nothing cynical about 'Star Wars Episode 7': Oscar Isaac


Los Angeles: Actor Oscar Isaac says there is nothing "cynical" in Star Wars Episode VII. Isaac, 35, will have a role in JJ Abrams's highly-anticipated sequel alongside original trilogy stars Harrison Ford, Carrie Fisher and Mark Hamill, reportedly.

Simon Pegg hints at `Star Wars Episode 7` voice role

Actor Simon Pegg has fuelled speculation that he has a role in `Star Wars Episode VII`. Pegg was spotted on the `Star Wars` set in Abu Dhabi last month, reportedly.

James Earl Jones won`t return as Darth Vader in `Star Wars Episode 7`

James Earl Jones has declared that he won`t be reprising his role as a Darth Vader in the upcoming Star Wars Episode 7, ruling out any sort of participation in Disney`s new movie.

Lupita Nyong`o set for `Star Wars`

Oscar-winning actress Lupita Nyong`o has been finalised to be part of “Star Wars: Episode VII”.

`Star Wars Episode 7` begins shooting

`Star Wars: Episode VII` has begun shooting at Pinewood Studios.

New `Star Wars` film to be set 30 years after `Return of the Jedi`

The highly anticipated next installment of the `Star Wars` franchise will be set 30 years after `Episode VI: Return of the Jedi` Walt Disney Co.`s chief executive officer Bob Iger said on Tuesday at the company`s annual shareholders meeting.

Mark Hamill mum on returning for `Star Wars Episode 7` rumours

Mark Hamill has refused to confirm his return in the upcoming film ` Star Wars Episode 7`

Carrie Fisher set to reprise role of Princess Leia in Star Wars Episode 7

Carrie Fisher has reportedly confirmed her return to the Star Wars franchise

Jesse Plemons to star in `Star Wars Episode 7`

`Breaking Bad` star Jesse Plemons is a contender to land a lead role in the anticipated film- `Star Wars Episode 7`.

`Star Wars Episode 7` set for December 18, 2015 release

The first installment of the new `Star Wars` trilogy will be released near the end of 2015.

Open auditions for `Star Wars` sequel to take place in Britain

The producers of the `Star Wars` sequel are looking for cast two new faces in the flick and will be holding open auditions for the same in the UK, it has been revealed.

`Star Wars Episode 7` confirmed for spring/summer 2015 release

`Star Wars Episode 7` might release either in spring or summer of 2015, according to reports.

JJ Abrams keen to give `authentic feel` in Star Wars Episode 7

JJ Abrams has revealed that he is hoping to make his upcoming sci-fi film `Star Wars Episode 7` as "authentic" as possible.

Star Wars Episode 7 `may be shot in New Mexico`

The shooting of upcoming sci-fi flick ` Star Wars Episode 7` is reportedly starting in New Mexico.

Will Benedict Cumberbatch feature in Star Wars Episode 7?

Benedict Cumberbatch is the latest name to be linked to the cast of `Star Wars Episode 7`.

`Star Wars Episode 7` to release in 2015 December

The upcoming `Star Wars` instalment, to be directed by JJ Abrams, is reportedly up for a December 2015 release, instead of May.

Gosling is not a part of `Star Wars Episode 7`, says rep

Actor Ryan Gosling is not in line to star in ‘Star Wars Episode 7’, says representative for the actor.

`Star Wars Episode 7` eyes Ryan Gosling, Zac Efron

Actor Ryan Gosling is reportedly expected to be Luke Skywalker`s son in the upcoming `Star Wars Episode 7`, while the former Disney star Zac Efron might play Han Solo`s son.

Harrison Ford to return as Han Solo `Star Wars Episode 7`?

Hollywood star Harrison Ford will reportedly return as Han Solo in `Star Wars: Episode VII`.