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Winter Solstice 2015: 'Tis the shortest day!

Winter Solstice 2015: 'Tis the shortest day!

Just like every year, thousands of people descended on Britain's Stonehenge to see the sun rise on the Winter Solstice, the shortest day of the year in the northern hemisphere. 

Study sheds light on culinary habits of Stonehenge builders

People who built Stonehenge, the iconic prehistoric stone monument in the UK, organised large-scale feasts, where animals were brought from all over Britain to be barbecued and cooked in open-air mass gatherings, a new study suggests.

`Mystifying` Stonehenge may have been designed for sound

Researchers have suggested that Stonehenge could have been built with acoustics in mind like a Greek or Roman theatre.

Stonehenge may have been inspired by ‘sound illusion’

An archaeologist has claimed that these iconic stones were inspired by an extraordinary hallucination.