'Strangulation' causes galactic death: Study
'Strangulation' causes galactic death: Study

British astronomers have found out the answer to an astronomical mystery -- how do galaxies die? Evidence shows that they are "strangled to death", which occurs after galaxies are cut off from the raw materials needed to make new stars.

Class 12th student kidnapped in Meerut

A class 12th student was allegedly kidnapped when she had gone to attend tuition classes here, police said on Saturday.

Husband gets life term for strangulating his wife

A young man accused of strangulating his wife was awarded life imprisonment by a Delhi court which said the case does not fall under the "rarest of rare" category to warrant death sentence.

Man strangulates wife to death in Muzaffarnagar

A man allegedly strangulated his wife to death in Jansath town after she failed to bear a child in their 12-year-long wedded life, police said on Tuesday.

Industrialist Akansha Rathi died due to strangulation

Indore-based woman industrialist Akansha Rathi died due to strangulation but it is to be probed whether it was suicide or murder.