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IS to attempt more sensational attacks in Bangladesh: Stratfor

The Islamic State (IS) jihadist group wants to expand its operations in Bangladesh to boost its image among local radicals, US-based intelligence assessment company Stratfor said in a report on Tuesday.

Stratfor slams WikiLeaks for Bhopal spying charge

US private intelligence firm Stratfor has denounced whistleblower site WikiLeaks` disclosure that it provided Dow Chemical information on environmental activists after the Bhopal gas leak disaster.

WikiLeaks release: Stratfor CEO not quitting

Denouncing the disclosure of its
emails by WikiLeaks as "deplorable
breach of privacy", the US-based intelligence firm Stratfor
cautioned that some of them may be forged or altered to
include inaccuracies.

`Stratfor spied on Bhopal activists for Dow`

US-based security
think-tank Stratfor spied for the Dow Chemicals on the
activists of the 1984 Bhopal gas tragedy, WikiLeaks alleged.

WikiLeaks publishes Stratfor emails

WikiLeaks began publishing more than five million confidential emails from US-based intelligence firm Stratfor.

WikiLeaks publishes Stratfor e-mails

The e-mails could unmask sensitive sources and throw light on the murky world of intelligence-gathering by Stratfor.

Stratfor hacking victims targeted after comments

Victims of a data breach at the security analysis firm Stratfor apparently are being targeted a second time after speaking out about the hacking.

Hackers target US security think tank

Hackers claimed to have stolen a raft of e-mails and credit card data from US-based security think tank Stratfor.

`Naxalites may take to urban terrorism`

A US strategic think tank warns Naxalites could develop "tradecraft for urban terrorism".

Kabul attacks could be an attempt to `provoke` India: Stratfor

The latest Taliban suicide attacks in Kabul that killed up to nine Indians could be an attempt to "provoke" India into some kind of response in Afghanistan, according to a leading US think tank.

Not much change in Pak`s strategy: Stratfor

Noting that Pakistan has recently arrested only those militants who have crossed the red line set by it, a US-based strategic think-tank has said that these arrests do not necessarily indicate any kind of shift in Pak`s strategy.

`Baradar arrest does not mean Pak has turned anti-Taliban`

Top Taliban commander Baradar`s arrest in a joint US-Pak operation does not mean that Pakistan is moving against the militants and may be seen as a key strategy of the country aimed at maintaining influence on its "western flank".

Indigenous terror group may be behind Pune attack: Stratfor

The German Bakery in Pune was
a terrorist target because it was frequented by foreigners and
the possibility of an indigenous terror group being involved
in the attack could not be ruled out, a US-based
think-tank has

Pak will accept Indian offer but problem on agenda: Stratfor

A US-based strategic think tank has
said that New Delhi`s offer to have Foreign Secretary-level
talks with Islamabad is driven by India`s concerns over
Taliban appeasement in Afghanistan.

‘Pak unwilling to stop terror against India’

Pakistan is unlikely to take strong military action against the terrorists acting against India.

Sketching the face of jihadism is futile: US think tank

Citing the case of Pakistani origin terror suspect David Headley, who changed his given name of Daood Gilani to fool Indian security services, a strategic think tank says any attempt at profiling jihadists is doomed to fail.

US air strikes in Pakistan will mount in 2010: Stratfor

The United States may mount special operations to strike Taliban and al Qaeda targets in Pakistan and also step up drone attacks against them in the
near future, according to an American intelligence thinktank.

Insurgency, Naxalism product of govt`s neglect: Stratfor

A leading US think tank has
claimed the Indian government`s "neglect" for rural areas has
led to the problem of left-wing insurgency and called it a
critical threat to the country`s security.

More attack anticipated in Pakistan: Stratfor

Warning that Tehrik-i-Taliban Pakistan (TTP) would launch more terrorist attack inside Pakistan, a US based global intelligence think tank on Friday said that the militants were employing an all out strategy.

`Mehsud`s death may embolden Pakistanis`

Pakistan`s most wanted terrorist Baitullah Mehsud`s death may actually embolden the Pakistanis as it marks a weakening of those Taliban factions that oppose Islamabad, a leading US private intelligence agency has said.