Eat strawberries to lower bad cholesterol

A rich source of antioxidant and anti-inflammatory nutrients, strawberries offer a range of health benefits.

Strawberries, cucumbers could help inhibit Alzheimer`s

A chemical that is found in fruits and vegetables from strawberries to cucumbers apparently stops memory loss that accompanies Alzheimer`s disease in mice, a new study has claimed.

Eat strawberries and blueberries to stave off heart attack

Eating strawberries and blueberries all year round can cut the risk of heart attack by up to a third in women, a new study has claimed.

Strawberry extract protects skin against UV rays

A strawberry extract developed by Italian and Spanish researchers seems to protect the skin against harmful ultraviolet (UV) radiation.

I call her ‘Strawberry’: Jaya Bachchan on granddaughter Aaradhya

Jaya Bachchan rarely gives bites to the media be it on films or politics. And personal life? Forget it, dude! But thanks to Baby Aaradhya, the beaming granny just can’t stop gushing about her grandchild.

Strawberries can keep many diseases at bay

More than the apple, a strawberry a day could keep not just one doctor away, but an entire army of brain, hormone and cancer specialists.

New `strawberry` crab species found off Taiwan

A marine biologist says he has discovered a new crab species off the coast of southern Taiwan that looks like a strawberry with small white bumps on its red shell.