Yoga best way to be healthy: Minister

Observing that yoga is the best way to keep healthy, central minister Jitendra Singh has said that the government will hold yoga training from next month for its employees.

Harry Styles takes up yoga to relieve stress?
Harry Styles takes up yoga to relieve stress?

Boy band One Direction star Harry Styles has reportedly taken to yoga and meditation to relieve stress.

Living near 'greened' vacant spaces soothes heart, lowers stress

A new study has revealed that turning vacant lots into attractive green plots may make life less stressful for city residents.

Zayn Malik quits One Direction tour due to stress
Zayn Malik quits One Direction tour due to stress

Zayn Malik is taking a break from One Direction's current tour due to stress.

'Long-sought culprit' in mystery behind heart failure identified

A team of researchers has identified "the long-sought culprit" in the mystery behind a cell-signaling breakdown that triggers heart failure.

Mindfulness-based stress reduction improves quality of life in obese women

A new study has revealed that mindfulness-based stress reduction (MBSR) improves quality of life in obese women and may decrease fasting glucose.

Brain waves reveal insomnia risk

Stress may trigger insomnia, but those with a lower amount of a particular pattern of brain waves are at even greater risk of developing the disorder, research has found.

Home eviction can lead to depression, high stress

Eviction from a home brings about a variety of lasting hardships including depression, poorer health and higher levels of stress, new research says.

Yoga balances humans with nature: U'khand Guv

Yoga is a means to place the human body and mind in balance with nature and has the unique ability to save people from the harmful effects of chemicals released in the human body due to stress and tension, Uttarakhand Governor K K Paul said Monday.

Breathing exercises could curb stress in obese women

Breathing exercises could help obese women reduce stress and blood glucose levels, new research has found.

Highly stressed new moms likelier to expose infants to secondhand smoke at home

A new study has demonstrated that mothers, who experience higher levels of social stressors, are least likely to have rules that totally ban smoking in the home, which could expose their infants to secondhand smoke and increase health risks.

Depressed people can't easily shake off social rejection

A new study has recently revealed that people with depression cannot easily shake off social rejection and move on.

How stress can make you poorer

Stress can make people with high level of anxiety poorer by denting their confidence to compete, suggests a new study.

I don't take too much of stress: Bhushan Kumar

 Bhushan Kumar might be busy producing many films, but the producer says he doesn't let stress take its toll on him.

What makes recovery worse after heart attack in women

 Young and middle-aged women experience more stress than their male counterparts which could contribute to worse recovery from heart attack, shows a new study.

Here's how you can protect your 'heart' this Valentine's day

 Experts have provided some health tips for people to protect their heart this Valentine's day, especially for women.

Mindfulness training influences health via 'stress reduction' pathways

A new study has revealed how mindfulness training can improve a broad range of mental and physical health problems.

Obesity impact on fertility can be reversed

 Researchers have revealed how damage from obesity is passed from a mother to her children, and also how that damage can be reversed.

Here's your healthy excuse to take 30 minute cat nap

New studies reveal that indulging in a short nap for 30 minutes can help people relieve stress and bolster their immune system.

Why stress makes some people more vulnerable to depression

One reason why social stress makes some people more vulnerable to depression than others could be due to deficiency of serotonin, a crucial brain chemical linked to the feeling of well-being and happiness, a study suggests.