Depressive symptoms, extreme blood pressure increase stroke risk, says Indian Scientist

An Indian scientist working with the University of Glasgow has said that patients with a combination of depression and high or low blood pressure have the higher risk of suffering from a stroke.

Australia, India to join hands to combat lifestyle diseases 

Public health experts from Australia and India are set to collaborate on a new research on lifestyle-related diseases such as diabetes, heart disease, stroke and cancers.

Twitter can lend a 'voice' to the speechless
Twitter can lend a 'voice' to the speechless

Australian researchers have revealed how micro-blogging website Twitter can help people who have experienced strokes, cerebral palsy, autism, motor neurone disease and traumatic brain injury to find a "voice".

Does working more than 8 hours a day raise stroke risk?

Zee Media Bureau

London: We have heard about the health hazards of prolonged sitting. Now, a new research has linked longer working hours to greater stroke risk.

Shun trans fats to lower death risk

 Trans fats, and not saturated fats found in animal products, are associated with greater risk of death, coronary heart disease and stroke or Type 2 diabetes, researchers from McMaster University have found.

Testosterone therapy may help older men live longer

Restoring testosterone in older men to normal level through gels, patches, or injections may lower their risk of heart attack, stroke, or death from any cause.

Faulty genes may lead to cerebral palsy

 Generally known to be caused by factors such as birth asphyxia, stroke and infections in the developing brain of babies, cerebral palsy (CP), the most common cause of physical disability in children, may also have genetic roots, says a new study.

Joe Jackson hospitalized

 Showbiz patriarch Joe Jackson has been hospitalised after reportedly suffering a stroke.

Uric acid lessens women's disability after stroke

Uric acid - a chemical that at high levels can lead to serious illness - may lessen women's disability after a stroke, a study shows.

Stroke leads to decline in memory over years

Those who survive a stroke may experience accelerated and persistent decline in memory and thinking ability over several years after the event, say a study.

Cranberry juice may protect against killer diseases

Drinking low-calorie cranberry juice cocktail may help lower the risk of chronic diseases, including heart disease, diabetes and stroke, says a study.

Special protein in brain may up stroke risk

A special protein found in the brain's tiniest blood vessels may increase the risk of stroke, find researchers.

Urban noise linked to 'midriff bulge'

 As per a new research, the sounds of urban life may make your belly fatter, cause premature aging and lead to stroke.

Three cups of coffee a day could slash heart disease risk

Drinking three to five cups of coffee a day may slash the risk of dying from heart disease or stroke by more than a fifth, new research has claimed.

'Deadly' stroke ages your brain function by eight years

In a new study, scientists have found that stroke claims eight years worth of your brain function.

Stroke steals eight years of brain function

Having a stroke ages a person's brain function by almost eight years, robbing them of memory and thinking speed, new research says.

'Star Trek' actress Nichelle Nichols suffers stroke
'Star Trek' actress Nichelle Nichols suffers stroke

 Veteran actress Nichelle Nichols, who starred as communications officer Lt Uhura on the original "Star Trek" TV series back in the 1960s, has suffered a mild stroke.

Kidney health better indicator of heart disease risk

Simple parameters of the kidney's functions and damage may be better at predicting the risk of heart failure and death from heart attack and stroke than traditional tests of cholesterol levels and blood pressure, new research suggests.

Follow these tips to reduce stroke risk

Scientists have come up with easy to remember pointers, which can help reduce the risk of having a stroke.

Long-term depression may double stroke risk: Study

Long-term depression may double the risk of stroke for middle-aged adults, according to a new research.