Ukraine`s computers targeted by powerful `snake` virus: Experts

Dozens of computer networks in Ukraine have been infected by an aggressive new cyber weapon called Snake, according to expert analysis.

`Stuxnet worm older than previously believed`

The computer worm that targeted an Iranian nuclear plant is older than previously believed, security experts from an anti-virus company have revealed.

Experts uncover new ‘Mahdi’ malware targeting Iran

Security experts have identified a cyber espionage attack that apparently targeted computers in Iran, according to a report.

`Obama ordered Stuxnet cyber attack on Iran`

It is estimated that Stuxnet crippled around 1,000 of 5,000 Natanz centrifuges by spinning them at damagingly high speeds.

`US, Israel behind cyber attack on Iran`s nuke project`

The origins of the cyber weapon, which some analysts dubbed `Stuxnet` after it was discovered in 2010, have long been debated.

Iran `finds fix` for espionage virus ‘Flame’

Security companies that have investigated the new virus Flame said that it is one of the most complex threats ever seen.

Security expert rules out cyber warfare

Cyber war - long considered by many defence experts to be a significant threat - may never happen, a security expert says.

First came Stuxnet virus: now there`s Duqu

Stuxnet is a malicious software that targets widely used industrial control systems built by German firm Siemens.

Iran to conduct cyber-security manoeuvre

Iran detected and thwarted a virus aimed at infecting the country`s nuclear plant system.

Israel tested Stuxnet on Iran, with US help: Report

Report said the worm was the most sophisticated cyber-weapon ever deployed.

Stuxnet could add to Iran`s enrichment problems: Experts

A mysterious halt in Iran`s
uranium enrichment activities earlier this month, as revealed
in a new report by the UN atomic watchdog, may have been due
to a cyber attack, experts suggested on Thursday.

Stuxnet virus could target many industries

Stuxnet virus can be modified to wreak havoc on industrial control systems around the world.

Stuxnet infected industrial computers cleaned: Iranian official

Reports say the malware was mutating and wreaking havoc with the equipment.

Iran arrests `spies` aiming to derail atomic work

Spies were trying to derail Tehran`s N-programme, said Iran`s intelligence minister.