Channel Tunnel refugee pleads guilty in UK court to obstructing railway

He spent five months in jail until he was granted asylum on Dec. 24 and released on bail the following month.

Sudan summons UN mission chief in Darfur over mandate extension

Sudan summoned today the head of the international peacekeeping force in Darfur after the UN recommended a one-year extension of UNAMID's mission despite Khartoum's reluctance.

China in `preliminary` deal for Sudan`s first atomic plant

A Chinese state-owned company has signed a "preliminary" deal with Sudan to build the east African country`s first nuclear power plant, an official in Khartoum said on Tuesday.

US concern as Sudan releases man linked to diplomat's killers

Jaili helped in the escape of the four killers of John Granville, who worked for the US Agency for International Development.

UN says 138,000 people displaced in new fighting in Darfur

An escalation in fighting in Darfur has forced 138,000 people to flee their homes since mid-January and there is no end in sight to the 13-year conflict in Sudan's largest region, the UN peacekeeping chief has said.

Top 10 least happy countries

Here is a list of top 10 least happy nations in the world

Al Qaeda leader Osama bin Laden left $29 mn inheritance for jihad

Al Qaeda leader Osama bin Laden left $29 mn inheritance for jihad

Al Qaeda leader Osama bin Laden had millions of dollars stashed in Sudan and wanted most of it to be used to fund jihad.

Nearly 10,000 displaced by clashes in Sudan`s Darfur: UN

Clashes between Sudanese forces and rebels in conflict-hit Darfur have forced some 10,000 people to flee their homes, the UN-African Union mission in the region (UNAMID) said on Monday.

Six dead in Sudan's West Darfur after protest crackdown

At least six people have been killed in unrest in Sudan's West Darfur, sources have said after security forces dispersed protesters outside government buildings in the state capital Geneina.

Sudan, S. Sudan extend agreement on transit of humanitarian aid

Sudan and South Sudan agreed on Sunday to extend their agreement on transit of humanitarian aid through Sudanese territory in the South, a media report said.

17 killed in tribal clashes in Sudan

 At least 17 people were killed and 30 injured in tribal clashes in Sudan`s South Darfur state, the media reported.


Sudan rebels, army brace for fighting season after peace talks flop

Sudan rebels, army brace for fighting season after peace talks flop

he African Union-mediated talks ended last month without a temporary ceasefire being agreed in Darfur.

OVL chasing foreign govts to clear its $712 mn of dues

OVL chasing foreign govts to clear its $712 mn of dues

From Venezuela to Sudan, ONGC Videsh Ltd, India's flagship overseas oil investment firm, is chasing foreign governments to get its USD 712 million (over Rs 4,700 crore) of dues cleared.

Sudan`s Bashir says Darfur, Kordofan conflicts to end in 2016

 President Omar al-Bashir said Friday that conflicts roiling Sudan`s Darfur, South Kordofan and Blue Nile regions would end in 2016, the day after he offered rebels a two-month ceasefire to join a national dialogue.

Warring South Sudan rivals restart peace talks

South Sudan's rival forces began peace talks on Thursday, as international pressure mounts ahead of an August 17 deadline to strike a deal to end 19 months of civil war.

Amnesty says Sudan army committed `war crimes` in South Kordofan

 Amnesty International said on Tuesday that the Sudanese army had committed war crimes in the conflict-hit South Kordofan region, including bombing and shelling civilian areas and infrastructure.

Sudan offers guarantees for rebels to attend Khartoum talks

 Sudan`s government said Monday it is ready to offer rebels battling its forces legal guarantees to allow them to attend talks in Khartoum aimed at addressing the country`s multiple crises.

World's last male white rhino will never mate

White rhinos are on the verge of extinction as it is unlikely that their last male member would father an offspring, conservationists say.

Amid violence and hunger, South Sudan marks 4th birthday

Amid ongoing violence and the threat of famine, South Sudan is marking four years of independence from Sudan.

Sudan`s hot-rod rickshaw men splash cash to win fares

With more a splutter than a roar, Baha al-Din Yassin -- alias "The Tiger" -- tears off down Khartoum`s sand-lined streets in his three-wheeled motor rickshaw on the prowl for fares.