Woman sues Australian Open tennis organisers
Woman sues Australian Open tennis organisers

A fan who fell down while evading severe hot conditions at the Australian Open has decided to sue the organisers for not providing enough shade in the stands at the Hisense Arena here.

'Scared' Iggy Azalea pleads to judge not to let 'violent' lover come close
'Scared' Iggy Azalea pleads to judge not to let 'violent' lover come close

 Iggy Azalea is so scared of her former lover, that she is pleading with a judge not to move the case she filed against him from L.A. to his hometown, Houston.

Sir Cliff Richard to sue BBC for filming police raid on his home
Sir Cliff Richard to sue BBC for filming police raid on his home

 Sir Cliff Richard will reportedly sue the BBC for filming police raid on his home.

Aretha Franklin to sue author David Ritz over her biography

Veteran singer Aretha Franklin has decided to sue author David Ritz for allegedly making false claims in his new book on her life.

Melissa Rivers to sue clinic over mother's death
Melissa Rivers to sue clinic over mother's death

TV personality Melissa Rivers has hired an NYC-based law firm to represent her in a medical malpractice and wrongful death lawsuit against the clinic where her mother- Joan Rivers stopped breathing during a procedure.

Movie producers sue Mischa Barton

`The OC` star Mischa Barton has been sued by the producers of a movie, who claim the actress opted to party in Europe instead of shooting the film.

MJ estate sues movie memorabilia store

Michael Jackson`s estate is suing a movie memorabilia store for auctioning off historic photos from the pop star`s early days.

US House leader says he plans to sue Obama

The leader of the US House of representatives says he intends to file a lawsuit accusing President Barack Obama of failing to carry out the laws passed by Congress.

David Cassidy`s wife files for divorce

David Cassidy`s wife Sue is set to file for divorce to end their 23-year marriage.

Ciara sued over cancelled gig

Ciara has been hit with a lawsuit over a cancelled performance at a gay bar.

Amanda Bynes to sue magazine over fake photos

Amanda Bynes is all set to sue a magazine because of her alleged fake photo.

Rihanna suing UK retail giant for $5m over image used without consent

Rihanna is set to file a 5-million-dollar lawsuit against UK retail giant Topshop over alleged unauthorised use of her picture on their products.

Justin Bieber, Usher sued for USD 10 million over copyright issues

Rapper Devin Copeland has filed a 10 million dollar copyright infringement lawsuit on Usher and Justin Bieber.

Chinese company prints winning lottery tickets, sued

A printing firm in Shanghai is being sued for mistakenly creating 350 winning lottery tickets instead of the two that it had been asked to print.

Philadelphia teen sues teacher, school after being mocked for wearing ‘Romney T-shirt’

The family of a Philadelphia teen has sued her teacher and her school district over claims that she was mocked for wearing a Mitt Romney T-shirt to class.

Lindsay Lohan has sued Pitbull over lyrics

Lindsay Lohan has slapped Pitbull with a lawsuit for poking fun at her in the lyrics of his hit single "Give Me Everything".

American allowed to sue Rumsfeld over torture

The US Army
veteran says he was imprisoned unjustly and tortured by
the US military in Iraq.

Kenyans get go-ahead to sue Britain over torture

Kenyans say they were beaten and sexually assaulted by officers acting for British administration.

MJ estate ‘threatens to sue famous prankster for illegal sale of recording’

The Michael Jackson estate has threatened to sue the man, who played a phone prank on Jackson in 2007, for illegally selling the recorded call that contains Jackson’s real voice.

Nicolas Cage sued over pay dispute

Nicolas Cage has been sued by Hollywood producer Paul Brooks demanding his pay for `Shadow of the Vampire`.