Missing AirAsia flight likely at the 'bottom of the sea': Search official

Missing AirAsia jet carrying 162 people could be at the bottom of the sea after it was presumed to have crashed off the Indonesian coast, an official said on Monday.

Indonesia to ratify ASEAN haze agreement

Indonesia`s Parliament on Tuesday voted to ratify a regional agreement on cross-border haze as fires ripped through forests in west of the country, choking neighbouring Singapore with hazardous smog.

Massive earthquake may hit Sri Lanka: Study

 Sri Lanka and much of the Indian Ocean region are vulnerable to as large or even larger tsunamis than the one that resulted from the 2004 magnitude 9.2 Sumatra earthquake, says a study.

Timeline of mega-earthquakes in Indian Ocean recreated
Timeline of mega-earthquakes in Indian Ocean recreated

Researchers recently reconstructed the mega-earthquakes timeline in Indian Ocean and examined sediment records to unveil region's tsunami potential.

Volcano erupts in Indonesia

One of the most active volcanoes in Indonesia, Mount Sinabung, has erupted with a powerful burst of hot ash, a media report said on Monday.

16 killed in Indonesia volcano eruption

At least 16 people were killed and one severely burnt by the hot ash that erupted from Mount Sinabung volcano in North Sumatra in Indonesia, officials said Wednesday.

19,000 Indonesians flee erupting Mount Sinabung

More than 19,000 people have been displaced by a volcano in Indonesia that has been erupting for months and shot lava into the air nine times overnight, an official said Tuesday.

Flood displaces 18,000 in Indonesia

Around 18,000 people in western Indonesia have had to leave their homes after two rivers burst their banks and flooded thousands of houses, an official said on Monday.

Sumatra cave showing `stunning` tsunami record found

Scientists have made an amazing discovery in the form a cave on the Indonesian island of Sumatra that holds a "beautiful and stunning" record of Indian Ocean tsunamis spanning over thousands of years.

Indonesian volcano Mount Sinabung erupts again

Mount Sinabung, one of Indonesia`s most active volcanoes in North Sumatra, erupted again o Friday dashing the hopes of 17,094 evacuees staying in shelters of returning home soon, officials said.

Hundreds of rare primates seized in Indonesia

Hundreds of slow lorises have been seized on Indonesia`s Java island as animal smugglers were about to send the protected primates to markets to be sold as pets, officials said on Friday.

Thousands flee as volcano erupts on Indonesia`s Sumatra

Thousands of villagers fled after a volcano erupted on Indonesia`s Sumatra island on Sunday spewing rocks and red-hot ash onto surrounding villages, officials said.

Sumatran `corpse flower` blooms and releases stench in US

A corpse flower nicknamed Chanel has bloomed for the first time in the US and in the process has released a stench resembling a cross between rotting flesh and Limburger cheese.

Sumatra farmers blamed for smoke in Singapore and Malaysia

The recent choking smoke in Singapore and parts of Malaysia has been blamed on the small and large-scale farmers in Sumatra.

Quake hits Indonesia`s Sumatra days after deadly tremor

A 6.4-magnitude earthquake jolted south Sumatra off Indonesia Saturday, the China Earthquake Networks Centre said.

Can quakes actually calm the Earth?

The magnitude-8.6 earthquake that struck the Indian Ocean in 2012 may have had a calming effect on the other quakes in the world, a new study has claimed.

Indonesia detains 80 Myanmar Rohingya on remote island

Indonesian police on Sunday detained 80 Rohingya Muslims from Myanmar on a remote island off Sumatra after they had got lost attempting to reach Malaysia, an official said.

Quake hits Indonesia

earthquake measuring 6.0 on the Richter scale jolted Indonesia`s Aceh province Thursday.

6.5-magnitude earthquake hits Sumatra, Indonesia

The USGS reported the quake was at 6.3 magnitude with the depth at 25 km under sea bed.

Magnitude 5.7 quake off Indonesia`s Sumatra

A 5.7-magnitude earthquake on Monday struck off the coast of Indonesia`s Sumatra island but there were no reports of damage, the geophysics agency said.