‘Woman accused of NYC subway push not fit for trial`

Erika Menendez is being held on a charge of murder as a hate crime in the December 29 death of 46-year-old Sunando Sen.

Indian subway victim had put up a fight

An Indian immigrant, who was shoved off a subway platform to his death in front of a train here by an American woman because she "hated" Hindus and Muslims, had tried to put up a fight and "shake off" his attacker.

Subway death: Indian man cremated in New York

Sunando Sen`s cremation was held yesterday and was attended by his friends, business partners.

Woman accused of murder of Indian assaulted 9/11 FDNY firefighter

A deranged woman accused of pushing an Indian immigrant to death in front of a subway in a twisted 9/11 vendetta once assaulted an FDNY hero.

Suspect in NY Subway death under psychiatric evaluation

Erika Menendez has been charged with the murder of an Indian immigrant has been ordered to undergo a psychiatric evaluation.