Hollywood director Aronofsky watches his `Noah` in Kochi

Hollywood director Darren Aronofsky, who has helmed `Noah`, caught the movie at a hall in Kochi in Kerala.

Iran seeks to allay Gulf Arab nuclear fears

Foreign Minister Mohammad Javad Zarif of Shiite Iran on Thursday sought to allay concerns among mainly Sunni Muslim Gulf Arab monarchies mistrustful of Tehran over its nuclear ambitions.

Egypt`s Sunni Muslim institution issues fatwa over Russell Crowe`s `Noah`

Egypt`s Sunni Muslim institution Al Azhar has issued a fatwa against the Darren Aronofsky-produced `Noah.`

Islamist militants strengthen grip on Iraq``s Falluja

Al Qaeda and other insurgent groups have tightened their grip on Falluja, defying the Shi`ite-led Iraqi government`s efforts to persuade local tribesmen to expel them from the Sunni Muslim city, residents and officials say.

Bodies of 14 kidnapped Sunni tribesmen found in Iraq

Bodies of 14 Sunni Muslim tribesmen were found in date palm groves north of Baghdad, a day after they were kidnapped by uniformed men in security forces vehicles, Iraqi police and medics said.

Iraqi army shells Falluja to try to dislodge Qaeda, tribes

The Iraqi army shelled the western city of Falluja with mortar bombs overnight to try to wrest back control from Sunni Muslim militants and tribesmen, killing at least eight people, tribal leaders and officials said on Saturday.

Wave of attacks kill 70 people in Iraq

Baghdad: A double car bombing and a shooting killed 34 Shiite Muslims on pilgrimage in Iraq on Monday, the deadliest in a wave of attacks across the country that left at least 70 dead. It was the bloodiest day of violence in nearly two months.

Sectarian clashes kill at least 40 in Yemen

Ultraconservative Sunni Muslim militants and rebels belonging to a branch of Shiite Islam battled each other in northern Yemen.

Sectarian clashes in northern Lebanese city kill 8

Lebanon`s state news agency says clashes between supporters of Syrian President Bashar Assad and opponents killed eight people in the northern city of Tripoli over the weekend.

Syrian rivals clash in Lebanon, three shot dead

At least three people were killed in northern Lebanon on Saturday in the clashes between the supporters and opponents of the Syrian government.

Spokesperson of radical Sunni Muslim group killed in Karachi

At least eight people, including a spokesperson of a radical Sunni Muslim group, were killed on Sunday in separate incidents of target killings in Pakistan`s port city of Karachi.

Six Lebanon troops die in clash with Sunni radical

Six Lebanese soldiers were killed today in clashes with supporters of a radical Sunni Muslim sheikh opposed to the powerful Shiite movement Hezbollah, an army statement said.

At least 48 Syrian soldiers killed on way home from Iraq

Unidentified gunmen killed at least 48 Syrian soldiers and government employees who were being taken to the Syrian border by Iraqi authorities.

Activist group says hundreds kidnapped in Syria

An activist group says pro-government gunmen have kidnapped more than 300 people in northwestern Syria in retaliation for the abduction of 42 Shiite Muslims this week.