Gunman kills police officer, mayor's sister in US' Louisiana state

A gunman killed a police officer and fatally stabbed a woman while injuring two others today in Sunset suburb in southeastern US state of Louisiana.

Tallest Stonehenge stone may have correctly pointed towards mid-summer Solstice sunset

A new study has revealed that new Stonehenge alignment theory might have been right, as monument's tallest stone reportedly pointed correctly at solstice sunset.

'Overwhelmed' Olivia Culpo says she's 'going to be okay' post Nick Jonas split

' Olivia Culpo recently took to Instagram and posted that the break up with Nick Jonas was definitely hard but she'll be ok eventually.

Roger Federer express shows no signs of slowing down
Roger Federer express shows no signs of slowing down

Roger Federer sent a reminder to the young guns of men`s tennis that he is nowhere near close to riding quietly into the sunset when he romped to victory in just 39 minutes at the Brisbane International on Friday.

Vikings used medieval compass for navigation even after sunset

New interpretations of a medieval compass suggest that the Vikings may have skillfully used the sun to operate the compass even when the sun had set below the horizon.

How sun sets in an alien world

Scientists have thrown light on how sunsets on exoplanets would look like.

New movie reveals Mars` blue sunset

Mars Exploration Rover Opportunity has shot a movie clip, which reveals Mars` bluish sunset.

Why watching a sunrise takes our breath away?

Ever wondered why watching a sunrise is so breathtaking?