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Scientists recreate supernova in lab

Researchers used laser beams 60,000 billion times more powerful than a laser pointer to recreate scaled supernova explosions in the laboratory as a way of investigating one of the most energetic events in the Universe.

NASA`s Chandra explores hidden population of exotic neutron stars

A major campaign using NASA`s Chandra X-ray Observatory and several other satellites has suggested that exotic neutron stars, magnetars may be more diverse-and common-than previously thought.

Cassini spacecraft sheds light on how cosmic rays are accelerated

The international Cassini spacecraft has detected particles being accelerated to ultra-high energies, similar to the acceleration that takes place around supernova explosions .

Tiny flame sheds new light on supernova explosions

A team of researchers has gained new insights into the titanic forces that drive Type Ia supernova explosions after studying the behaviour of small flames in the laboratory.

Our galaxy full of `time bombs`?

A new study has suggested that thousands of “time bombs” could be scattered throughout our galaxy.