Universe`s earliest stars were monstrous: Study

Little is known about the universe`s earliest stars but if we believe astronomers, they might have been hundreds of times more massive than the sun.

`Solar storms behave like supernovae`

Researchers have explained for the first time the details of how solar storms behave as they fall back onto the Sun`s surface.

New class of supernovae may have originated from magnetars` creation

Researchers have suggested that new class of supernovae could likely be originating from the creation of magnetars.

How exploding stars and black holes sowed early cosmos with iron

Astrophysicists by detecting an even distribution of iron throughout a massive galaxy cluster can reveal how exploding stars and black holes sowed the early cosmos with heavy elements.

Yellow supergiant stars could be progenitors of supernovae

In their model, the exploding YSG star was a member of a close binary system.

Two supernovae in 30 yrs observed in `The River`

Supernovae can occur at the end of a massive star`s lifetime when its nuclear fuel is exhausted and gravity causes it to collapse on itself.

UK team to look for universe’s 1st exploding star

The research was made possible by a 2.3 million euro European Research Council grant.

Milky Way`s smallest black holes `don`t exist`

A new study has revealed that black holes a few times the mass of sun may not exist to begin with.