Asian Games: Chinese star Ye Shiwen on course for swim double
Asian Games: Chinese star Ye Shiwen on course for swim double

China`s Olympic star Ye Shiwen swept effortlessly to the quickest heat time in the women`s 200 metres medley on the final morning of the Asian Games swimming competition on Friday.

Football catches the fancy of youth in Mizoram after Santosh Trophy triumph

After winning the Santosh Cup this year, youth in Mizoram are keen to make a career in football.

Kerry decries ``new isolationism``, says US acts like poor nation

US Secretary of State John Kerry decried what he called a "new isolationism" in the United States on Wednesday and suggested that the country was beginning to behave like a poor nation.

What superpower? I will rather make a woman safe in a bus, says Rahul Gandhi

Congress Vice-President Rahul Gandhi on Wednesday said he would rather make women travelling in a bus safe than have India being a superpower.

Bihar`s development key to India`s stride to become superpower

Economic development of Bihar was the key to India`s stride towards becoming a global superpower, Bihar Chief Minister Nitish Kumar said.

India a superpower? Unlikely, says LSE study

Despite "impressive" achievements in
various sectors in recent years, India is unlikely to be a

Kangna Ranaut wishes for superpower to shut people up

Kangna Ranaut is so fed up with people talking about her that she wishes she had the superpower to magically zip people’s mouths.

US no longer a superpower: Time magazine poll

A poll indicates that Americans want their leaders to focus more on domestic challenges.

China won`t be next superpower: Kissinger

The US will continue to maintain its position in the world as the most influential, said Kissinger.

`India`s rise welcomed as positive factor`

PM said the world expects India to play an important role in the global polity and economy.

Aiyar dismisses hype over Obama saying India has `emerged`

Rajya Sabha MP Mani Shankar Aiyar
today dismissed the `hype` surrounding US President Barack
Obama`s assertion that India has "emerged", saying a "poor
country like ours" can never aspire to become a superpower.

`Rise of India as a global power in national interest of US`

India`s emergence as an Asia-Pacific and global power is in America`s interest, a powerful US Senator has said.

`India can be agricultural superpower`

India can become an agricultural superpower and the proposed food security bill is coming at the right time as it has the potential to prevent a backlash from people, says the chief of India`s largest farming cooperatives.

Britain anoints India a superpower on Republic Day

India is already a superpower, says Britain`s Foreign Secretary David Miliband.

India`s rise as superpower in our interest: Mauritius Prez

Mauritius President Anerood Jugnauth
on Sunday said his country has an "unbreakable blood relationship"
with India and wants it to become a super power.