DNA: Siachen survivor Hanumanthappa still critical, say doctors

Siachen avalanche miracle survivor Hanumnathappa Koppad's condition has deteriorated as he is still in coma, the latest medical bulletin issued by Delhi's Army Research and Referral Hospital's doctors said.

DNA: How soldiers are being trained for avalanche rescue

Zee Media Exclusive report on how our soldiers are being trained for avalanche rescue

Siachen survivor Hanumanthappa still in coma

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Climate change could alter key ocean bacteria : Study

Climate change could put a type of oceanic bacteria into evolutionary overdrive in a way that could pose a threat to its long-term survivability and its important role in the food chain, according to a study published on Tuesday.

World's rarest ape has chances of survival

World's rarest ape has chances of survival

The world`s rarest ape has an increased chance of survival after a new family group of Hainan gibbons(Nomascus hainanus) has been found.

Good sleep may improve survival of cancer patients

Short sleep duration and frequent snoring during pre-diagnostic stage are associated with significantly poorer cancer-specific survival, particularly among women with breast cancer, says a study.

Colorful bird plumage is about survival, not just sex

Colorful bird plumage is about survival, not just sex

As per a new study, sexual selection isn't the last word on bird plumage.

British man survives after head ripped off in accident

 A British man who had his head ripped off from his spine in a car crash has survived, a media report said on Sunday.

How Antarctic octopus survives in the cold

An Antarctic octopus that lives in ice-cold water uses a unique strategy to transport oxygen in its blood, revealed a research.

ICC World Cup: Pakistan, West Indies in fight for survival

ICC World Cup: Pakistan, West Indies in fight for survival

The 44-day World Cup is barely a week old and Pakistan and the West Indies are already viewing their second match as crucial to morale and potentially to their survival.

Ancestral diet was based on survival not health

If you plan to emulate the diet of plants and animals eaten by our ancestors, remember that it was focused on survival and had little to do with maintaining a balance, a new research suggests.

New drug promises to increase wounded soldiers' chances of survival

Wounded soldiers may soon be administered a drug that would put them into "hibernation" until they can be moved to safety, thereby increasing their chances of survival.

Gus Poyet signs new contract with Sunderland

Sunderland manager Gus Poyet ended speculation over his future on Wednesday by signing a new deal which will keep him at the Stadium of Light until 2016.

`Schumacher will not be Schumacher` if he survives, says brain surgery specialist

A brain surgery specialist has reportedly claimed that Formula One legend Michael Schumacher will be a completely different person than he was should he survive the severe head injuries he suffered in a skiing accident in December.

Artificial aortic heart valve trial reveals dramatic increase in survival rates

Results from a landmark clinical trial of an artificial aortic heart valve that does not require open heart surgery at the Loyola University Medical Center in Chicago showed positive outcome, with high survival rates and low rates of stroke.

Fish fake eyes to trick predators

Small prey fish can grow a bigger `eye` on their rear fins as a way of distracting predators and dramatically boosting their chances of survival, new study has found.

Tiny fish grows bigger `eye` on rear fins to survive predator attacks

A new research has found that small prey fish are capable of growing a bigger `eye` on their rear fins to distract their predators and thereby dramatically boosting their chances of survival.

Now, a tool to predict survival after heart transplant

Heart transplant patients at great risk of death in the year following their surgeries.

Cutting CO2 levels by 2100 necessary for survival

By 2100, the world will have to use every available means to cut down emissions for survival -- just to limit carbon dioxide (CO2) levels to less than 40 percent higher of what they are today, researchers say.

Marriage boosts survival rate for cancer patients

The researchers did find that married people were diagnosed at earlier stages of colon cancer and sought more aggressive treatment.