Trip reflects Obama's commitment to deepen Indo-US ties: Rice

While President Barack Obama was busy doing "walk the talk" and "chai per charcha" with Prime Minister Narendra Modi, his top aides were frantically using social media about their once-in-a-life experience of visit to India and their attending the colourful Republic Day Parade.

Barack Obama's India visit next year great chance for bolstering ties

US President Barack Obama's proposed visit to India, to be the chief guest at the 2015 Republic Day celebrations, is a great opportunity to strengthen and expand bilateral strategic partnership, top American administration officials and experts have said.

White House `deep concern` about China rights advocates

The White House expressed "deep concern" Thursday about the treatment of human rights advocates in China, just days before President Barack Obama visits Beijing.

'US-led international coalition will destroy Islamic State'
'US-led international coalition will destroy Islamic State'

The US-led international coalition of more than 60 countries against the Islamic State will degrade and ultimately destroy the terror group, a top Obama Administration official has said.

Susan Rice sets the tone for Barack Obama's Beijing trip in November
Susan Rice sets the tone for Barack Obama's Beijing trip in November

Setting the tone for US President Barack Obama's November visit to Beijing, US National Security Adviser Susan Rice said that the President's Beijing trip will be an "important milestone" that will further deepen US-China ties.

Top Barack Obama aide in Beijing to highlight vital China ties

 President Barack Obama`s top White House national security aide lands in Beijing on Sunday, signaling that ties with China remain a priority despite turmoil and tensions tearing at US foreign policy.

Rice reassures Israel on Iran nuclear ambitions

US National Security Adviser Susan Rice assured Israel at high-level bilateral talks today that Washington remained determined to stop Iran developing nuclear arms, the White House said.

US security adviser meets Israel leaders amid spy claims

US National Security Adviser Susan Rice today met Israeli leaders after the collapse of US-brokered Middle East peace talks and amid allegations Israel was spying on its principal ally.

Obama Europe trip aims to deepen Russia`s `isolation`

President Barack Obama will underscore Russia`s isolation over its annexation of the Crimea when he travels to Europe next week, US National Security Advisor Susan Rice said Friday.

No regrets about Benghazi comments: Obama adviser

National Security Adviser Susan Rice said today she had no regrets about remarks she made about an attack in Benghazi, Libya that left a US ambassador dead and sparked a political firestorm.

US supports expanding of Indo-Pak commercial ties: Rice

The US strongly supports efforts by India and Pakistan to expand bilateral trade and commercial ties as it will help in broadening support base for normalisation of their relationship, a top American official said on Saturday.

White House adviser consulted Israeli officials on Iran deal

President Barack Obama`s national security adviser Susan Rice played host to a series of meetings with Israeli officials last week to try to gain their support for an interim deal with Iran aimed at containing Tehran`s nuclear program.

No one can feel secure in China: Susan Rice

A top Obama administration official has said that no one can feel secure in China as the country impose strict restrictions on the fundamental rights of its people.

No military solution to Syrian conflict: US

Insisting that there is "no military solution" to the conflict in Syria, a top US administration official said that a political solution will not emerge spontaneously in the war-torn country.

US prepared to act if diplomacy fails: Rice

US National Security Advisor Susan Rice has said reiterating that the America is prepared to act if the ongoing diplomatic efforts to bring these weapons under international control fails.

Limited military strike right way to deter Assad regime: Rice

US National Security Advisor Susan Rice said taking President Barack Obama`s move for a military action to the American people.

Susan Rice joins as National Security Advisor to US

Obama confidant Susan Rice, the former US Ambassador to the United Nations, has joined the White House as the National Security Advisor to the United States President.

Obama presidency not weakened by Snowden`s leaks: Rice

Dismissing claims that Edward Snowden`s leaks have weakened Barack Obama`s presidency, US Ambassador Susan Rice said that the United States will remain the most influential and powerful country in the world.

Inaction over Syria a ‘stain’ on UN: US envoy Susan Rice

Outgoing US Ambassador Susan Rice says the UN Security Council`s failure to take action to stop the conflict in Syria is "a moral and strategic disgrace that history will judge harshly."

`America screwed up` with Rice, Power on top posts: Sarah Palin

Former Alaska Governor Sarah Palin has issued a blistering attack on President Barack Obama`s appointments of Susan Rice and Samantha Power on top posts.