100 days of NDA 'sarkar': PM Narendra Modi's future challenges

Sushmita Dutta

The BJP-led NDA government came to power at the Centre riding on an unprecedented and historic mandate. People had voted for development, stability, progress, showing yet again the resilience and vibrancy of India’s democracy.

Rajiv Gandhi death anniv: Will terrorism ever come to an end?

It is time to stop being resilient and to fight back the evil of terrorism.

Ajmal Kasab’s hanging could not act as a deterrent for Pakistan

The lone terrorist to be captured alive during the horrific 2008 Mumbai terror attacks Mohammed Ajmal Amir Kasab was executed this day, last year — November 21, 2012.

LK Advani’s unfulfilled tryst with ‘Power’

In today’s scenario, Gujarat Chief Minister Narendra Modi may be the face of the BJP, but one cannot overlook the contributions made by senior leader Lal Krishna Advani to the party.

Delhi gang-rape verdict: Rapists to be hanged, will women now get a crime-free society?

The ‘rarest-of-rare’ crime sparked a national debate on safety of women.

‘Pakistan troops violate ceasefire again’: For how long?

It’s high time that Pakistan sheds its hatred and animosity towards India.

`United states` of India – need of the hour

Need of the hour is to re-invent the thought process of India’s ‘Iron man’ of a ‘united, independent India.’

Can Modi win 2014 elections without ‘United’ BJP?

To win 2014 polls BJP needs to put forward a united step.

Uttarakhand floods: Humans, nature never fail to surprise

A tragedy brings out both the best and worst in human beings.

Is BJP ushering in a ‘Modi-fied’ era?

By elevating Narendra Modi, BJP has successfully changed its image.

Building collapses – Playing with lives?

It seems humanity is fast disappearing for the greed of money.

Satyajit’s magical ‘Ray’ of humanistic cinema

A great auteur, who put Indian cinema prominently on the world map, Satyajit Ray is known for his humanistic approach to cinema.

‘Cheat’ fund: The inside story of Sudipto Sen & Saradha group

Do you agree that lack of banking facilities drove people towards the chit fund scheme?

Is the magic of youth failing in politics?

`Young guns` or the `experienced ones`, whom to vote for?

Why is Home Minister Shinde so ignorant of law?

It’s high time Sushilkumar Shinde does not let his tongue slip so shoddily.

Ordinance on anti-rape: Enough for women’s safety?

The journey of women’s safety & the right to live without fear has just begun.

Will Rahul be able to live up to the `change` expectations?

My wish and hope is that when Rahul spoke of change he meant it.

Delhi gang-rape victim’s death shameful for all

Can her death open a new chapter for the safety of women in India?

Should Narendra Modi apologise to Shashi-Sunanda?

The barbs have revealed Narendra Modi`s ‘cheap’ sense of humour.

Will BJP be able to give India a corruption free govt?

Can the 'aam admi' trust the main Opposition anymore?