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Syria army, opposition announce nationwide truce

Syria army, opposition announce nationwide truce

Earlier, Russia`s President Vladimir Putin announced the deal, saying the Syrian regime and "main forces of the armed opposition" had signed on.

Syria army announces offensive on rebel-held Aleppo

The announcement came just minutes after the United States and Russia convened a last-ditch meeting in New York to save their Syria ceasefire plan and followed several hours of intensive bombardment that left Aleppo in flames.

Syria army thrusts into IS bastion as Kurds advance from north

Syria army thrusts into IS bastion as Kurds advance from north

It was the first time that government troops had entered Raqa province since they were ousted by IS fighters in August 2014.

Syria army readies Aleppo offensive as civilian toll rises

Syria army readies Aleppo offensive as civilian toll rises

The Syrian army was preparing an offensive to retake the northern city of Aleppo, where 53 civilians were killed in fighting Thursday in a new blow to a tattered truce.

'Syria army seizes strategic town of Salma in Latakia'

Syria's army and allied forces on Tuesday took full control from rebel groups of the strategic town of Salma.

US warning to Syria army met with scepticism in Damascus

 A US warning that it would use its air power to defend Pentagon-trained rebels against Syrian troops was met with scepticism by officials in Damascus on Tuesday.

Syria army plane crashes in rebel-held town, 31 dead: Monitor

Syria army plane crashes in rebel-held town, 31 dead: Monitor

A Syrian military aircraft crashed while on a bombing run over the rebel-held northwestern town of Ariha on Monday, leaving at least 31 people dead, a monitoring group said.

Syria Army, Kurds push IS out of Hasakeh city: Monitor

Syrian troops and Kurdish fighters ousted the Islamic State group from the northeastern city of Hasakeh on Tuesday after more than a month of fighting, a monitoring group said.

Syria rebels take army centre in regime-held Aleppo: Monitor

Syria rebels take army centre in regime-held Aleppo: Monitor

 Syrian rebels have seized a strategic military centre in government-held western Aleppo city, as fierce battles rage between opposition and regime forces, a monitor said Saturday.

Syria army pushes IS back from Hasakeh

Syrian government forces have pushed Islamic State group fighters back after a bid by the jihadists to enter the city of Hasakeh in northeastern Syria, a monitor said on Sunday.

Battered but hardened, Syria army adapts to guerilla war

The army has shrunk by nearly half since Syria`s conflict erupted in 2011 but experts say the remaining military force is now both more flexible and capable. 

Syria army kills 32 rebels in Daraa ambush: NGO

Syrian troops killed 32 rebels in an ambush in the southern province of Daraa early on Sunday, a monitoring group said.

Jihadists seize Syria army base, behead soldiers: NGO

Islamic State fighters have seized a Syrian army base in the northern province of Raqa, killing scores of troops and beheading some of them, a monitoring group said Saturday.

Syria army battle rebels in key Damascus foothills

Syrian troops backed by fighters from Lebanon`s Hezbollah on Sunday launched an assault to oust rebels from the foothills of the Qalamun mountains north of the capital, state television said.

Syria Army breaks year-old Aleppo prison siege

Syria`s army broke a siege of Aleppo prison Thursday, cutting off a major rebel supply route, as Damascus allies China and Russia vetoed a bid to refer Syria to the International Criminal Court.

Syria Army pushes offensive in Daraa: Monitor

Syria`s army pressed a counter-offensive against rebels in the south of the country on Saturday, firing a surface-to-surface missile and carrying out numerous air strikes in the area, a monitoring group said.

Syrian Army recaptures key Christian town

Syrian solders Monday recaptured a historic Christian town, north of the capital Damascus, the country`s official SANA news agency reported.

Syria Army seizes rebel town of Rankus: Military

Syria`s Army seized the rebel-held town of Rankus on Wednesday, state media reported citing a military source, as the regime extends its control over the strategic Qalamun region.

Syria Army seizes Alawite `massacre` village: Report

The Syrian Army recaptured on Monday an Alawite village in central Hama province where rebels "massacred" civilians earlier this month, state news agency SANA said.

Syria Army, rebels agree new Damascus area truce

Syria`s Army and rebels agreed a truce in the capital`s southern suburb of Babbila on Monday, the latest in a series of local ceasefires in Damascus flashpoints.