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Suspected chemical attacks in Syria injure 40: Activists

Suspected chlorine gas attacks by Syrian government helicopters injured some 40 people and killed a child in the country's northwest, activists said today, a day after an international chemical weapons watchdog said it was ready to investigate a series of newly claimed attacks.

Syria hands over remaining chemical weapons for destruction: Sources

Syria has handed over the remaining 100 tonnes of toxic material it declared to the global chemical weapons watchdog, clearing the way for destruction of the stockpile at sea, sources told Reuters on Monday.

Syria troops close in on suburbs hit by chemical attack

Syrian troops captured a key town southeast of Damascus on Thursday, a military source said, as they sought to close in on suburbs struck by chemical weapons in August.

Syria chemical cleanup the biggest ever staged

International chemical weapon troubleshooters will enter war-torn Syria on Tuesday to start one of the biggest and most dangerous disarmament operations ever staged.

Syria chemical weapons report received by OPCW

The international chemical weapons watchdog said that they have received the expected details from the Syrian regime on its stockpile of chemical weapons.

Syria chemical attack sly rebel provocation: Putin

President Vladimir Putin says that Russia has strong grounds to believe that Syrian rebels were responsible for the country`s chemical attack.

Syria chemical attack could`ve been avoided: Russia

The chemical attack in the suburbs of Damascus Aug 21 could have been avoided, according to Russia`s Permanent Representative to the UN Vitaly Churkin.

New Syria resolution must be enforceable: UN chief

Secretary-General Ban Ki-moon says a UN Security Council resolution that would approve a US-Russia deal to eliminate Syria`s chemical weapons must be enforceable.

Russian argument on Syria not based on facts: US

The Obama Administration has said that Russian argument on Syria is not based on facts and against international opinion.

Obama hopes Iran will take cue from Syrian crisis

Barack Obama said that he has exchanged letters with Iran`s president Hassan Rouhani and hoped that Tehran will take a cue from the raging Syrian crisis that there is scope for resolving Iran`s nuclear programme diplomatically.

Obama rejects Putin claim on Syria chemical weapons attack

Barack Obama rejected Russian President Vladimir Putin`s claim that Syrian rebels were responsible for an August 21 chemical gas attack but, in an interview broadcast on Sunday, he welcomed Putin`s diplomatic role in the crisis.

Message to Syria will be heard in Iran: Netanyahu

Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu today said that the international community must ensure Syria is stripped of its chemical weapons as a lesson to its ally Iran.

Assad move to avert US strike may backfire: Analysts

Syrian President Bashar al-Assad may have averted a US strike by agreeing to hand over his chemical arsenal but the move could backfire against his weakened regime, analysts say.

Syria renouncing arms shows strength

Syria`s acceptance of a proposal to relinquish its chemical weapons stockpile should not be interpreted as a concession or sign of weakness, a senior government official said today.

Syria crisis: Russia submits chemical weapons plan to US

After Syrian President Bashar al-Assad agreed to hand over the stockpile of chemical weapons, Russia on Wednesday handed over the plan to make the regime’s arsenal safer to the US.

Syria`s Assad marks birthday as strike threat recedes

Syria`s President Bashar al-Assad marks his 48th birthday on Wednesday with the threat of US-led strikes against his regime in response to an alleged chemical weapons attack apparently receding.

Syria`s chemical weapons: What Assad regime possesses

As the US plans a military strike in Syria sighting the atrocities by the regime on its own people, beleaguered President Bashar al-Assad agreed to hand over the stockpile of chemical weapons to Russia.

US Senate releases `videos` of Syria chemical attack

A US Senate panel has released 13 videos showing the victims of the alleged chemical attack near Damascus Aug 21, although there was no independent verification of the videos` authenticity, a media report said Sunday.

UK claims fresh evidence on Syria chemical weapons attack

Britain’s Prime Minister David Cameron has overtly revealed that new evidences have been discovered which indicate that chemical weapons were used on August 21 in Syria.

Assad will regret retaliating against US military strike: Kerry

US Secretary of State John Kerry reportedly on Wednesday reiterated that if no action against Syria is taken then Syrian President Basher al-Assad will misconstrue the silence and use chemical weapons with “impunity”.