Syria regime has killed 2,900 `with knives`: Opposition

Syrian President Bashar al-Assad`s forces have killed some 2,900 people "with knives," the opposition National Coalition said in a new report on Tuesday.

9 years on, Libya still not free of chemical weapons

Syria regime says it will need at least a year to dismantle its chemical weapons arsenal, but if Libya`s experience is anything to go by, this is a hopelessly optimistic forecast.

Despite turmoil, Syria regime feels new confidence

The signs would seem bad for President Bashar Assad. Blasts echo all day long over the Syrian capital as troops battle rebels entrenched on its eastern doorstep. The government admits the economy is devastated.

Syrian regime battles rebels outside Damascus

Syrian President Bashar Assad`s troops battled rebels in the outskirts of Damascus on Wednesday and pressed on with a counteroffensive against opposition fighters in the south to prevent their advance on the capital.