30 army deserters killed in Syria ambush

Syrian government forces have killed over 30 deserters from the army in an ambush on the road to Damascus airport, opposition activists have alleged.

Syria regime opens attack on flashpoint Homs neighbourhood

Syrian forces on Monday fired heavy machine guns and launched at least one airstrike on a neighbourhood in the central city of Homs that rebels claimed to have seized a day earlier.

West calls Syrian referendum a `sham`

Even as some cast ballots for what the government has tried to portray as reform, the military kept up shelling Homs.

Jordan says has hosted 100 Syrian deserters

In September, officials said privately that Jordan had received 60 Syrian army and police deserters, who ranged in rank from corporal to colonel.

Syria buries security forces as sanctions loom

Many of the attacks against Syrian security forces are believed to be carried out by a group of army defectors known as the Free Syrian Army.

Sanctions on Syria effective: US treasury

A US embassy statement said they discussed possible Syrian attempts to bypass the sanctions by using the Jordanian financial sector.

Lebanese leader denies inciting unrest in Syria

Jamal Jarrah is accused of financing, arming anti-government Syrian protests.