Thanks to Russian strikes, Syrian army advancing on ‘nearly all fronts’: Assad
Thanks to Russian strikes, Syrian army advancing on ‘nearly all fronts’: Assad

The embattled president also said he favoured new peace talks to be hosted in Moscow, but stressed that the Syrian conflict could not be resolved with "defeating terrorism".

Syria army, rebels in talks over 15-day truce near capital

Syria's army and rebels were locked in talks to reach a 15-day ceasefire in the Eastern Ghouta region east of the capital, a monitor and a security source has said.

Syrian troops kill 58 IS militants

Syrian troops killed 58 militants associated with the Islamic State (IS) group in the country's eastern province of Deir al-Zour, a media report said.

Syrian army advances in southern Aleppo city

 The Syrian army has captured several villages in the northern province of Aleppo, as part of the broad offensive backed by Russian air force in the area, according to the pan-Arab al-Mayadeen TV on Saturday.

Syrian Army pushes offensive in central Homs

Syrian regime forces backed by Russian air strikes launched an offensive in the central province of Homs on Thursday, Syria's state media said.

Syrian Army in 'vast offensive' backed by Russian strikes
Syrian Army in 'vast offensive' backed by Russian strikes

Syria's Army announced Thursday a "vast offensive" to wrest back territory from armed opposition groups, as NATO voiced alarm at escalating Russian military activity in the war-torn country.

Syrian army, Islamic State battle for central oilfield

Islamic State fighters battled government forces on Tuesday at central Syria`s Jazal oilfield, the last such facility still partly under state control, a group monitoring the conflict reported.

Syrian army, Hezbollah advance in city near Lebanese border

The Syrian army backed by Lebanese ally Hezbollah has advanced deeper into the besieged Syrian city of Zabadani two weeks into a campaign to capture it from insurgents, rebels and the army said.

Lebanon's Hezbollah says Assad regains momentum after setbacks

Lebanese militia group Hezbollah said on Friday that the Syrian army`s resistance to recent large-scale rebel attacks had disproved predictions that President Bashar al-Assad`s days were numbered.

Syria says Islamic State mortar attack set fire to government HQ in north

A mortar round fired by Islamic State militants caused a major fire at a Syrian government headquarters building in the northeastern city of Hasaka and firefighters had put it out, state television reported on Friday.

Syrian army, Hezbollah begin offensive on border city

The Syrian army and the Hezbollah group on Saturday unleashed a broad offensive against a rebel-held resort town northwest of capital Damascus and close to Lebanon`s borders, media reports and a source familiar with the assault told Xinhua news agency.

Syrian army and Hezbollah launch major assault on border city: TV station
Syrian army and Hezbollah launch major assault on border city: TV station

 The Syrian army and its allied militia have launched a major assault on the rebel-held Syrian city of Zabadani, the Lebanese Shi`ite Hezbollah group`s television station said on Saturday.

Syrian army retakes parts of Hasakeh from IS: Monitor

Syrian regime forces took back several parts of a neighbourhood in the northeastern city of Hasakeh from the Islamic State group on Monday, but heavy clashes continued, a monitor said.

Syrian Army repels attacks in south: State TV

The Syrian army repelled attacks against a number of military positions in the south of the country, state television reported in a news flash on Thursday.

Syrian rebels capture army base in south

Rebel fighters captured a major base from the Syrian army in the south of the country on Tuesday, rebels and a monitoring group said, a setback for President Bashar al-Assad reflecting the mounting pressure on him after recent losses elsewhere.

Syrian Army regains ground against Islamic State in Hasaka city

The Syrian army said on Sunday it had repulsed a major offensive by Islamic State militants in the northeastern city of Hasaka and drove out fighters who had taken over key installations on the southern edge of the city.

Syrian army, Hezbollah capture strategic point near Lebanon border

 The Syrian army and the Lebanese Hezbollah group captured a strategic barren terrain near the Lebanese borders on Saturday, state news agency SANA reported.

Syrian army battles Islamic State in northeast Syria: Monitor

 Syrian troops and militia fought fierce battles with Islamic State fighters in Syria`s northeast overnight, a group monitoring the war said on Wednesday, as both sides vie for control of territory near the Iraqi frontier.

Syrian army strikes have killed 70 people in Aleppo, says activists

Syrian army airstrikes killed at least 70 people, most of them civilians, and wounded scores in attacks in the northern province of Aleppo that struck civilian areas, including a packed market in a town held by the Islamic State group, activists said.

Seventy Syrian troops killed, 40 militants killed in fighting

Islamic State fighters killed at least 70 government troops in a major assault by the militant group on Syrian army-held areas in the central Syrian province of Homs, and at least 40 militants also were slain, a human rights monitor said on Wednesday.