Syria rebels seize ancient town of Bosra al-Sham: NGO

Syrian rebels on Wednesday seized full control of the southern town of Bosra al-Sham, pushing pro-regime forces out after four days of heavy fighting, a monitor said.

Syrian army retakes three towns from rebels

The Syrian army Wednesday recaptured three towns from the rebels in southern Syria, as part of the wide-scale onslaught it has waged since Sunday in that part of the war-torn country.

Syrian forces kill 54 rebels killed in Douma

At least 54 rebels were killed Wednesday when Syrian troops targeted rebel positions in the eastern countryside of the capital Damascus, media reported.

Hundreds of US troops to train Syrian rebels: Pentagon

 The US military will send nearly 1,000 troops to train Syrian rebel forces as part of a long-planned effort to build up a moderate opposition to take on the Islamic State group, the Pentagon said Friday.

19 killed in rebel fire on Syria`s Aleppo: Monitor

At least 19 people were killed overnight by Syrian rebel fire on government-controlled parts of the northern city of Aleppo, a monitor said on Friday.

Turkey, US agree plan to train 2,000 moderate Syrian rebels: Report

Turkey and the United States have agreed a plan under which some 2,000 fighters from the moderate Syrian opposition would be trained on Turkish soil, a report said Saturday.

Syria rebels, Qaeda capture key southern town: Monitor

Syrian rebels and Al-Qaeda seized the southern town of Nawa Sunday from troops loyal to President Bashar al-Assad after months of intense fighting, the Syrian Observatory for Human Rights said.

Islamic State beheads 8 Syria rebels who surrendered: Monitor
Islamic State beheads 8 Syria rebels who surrendered: Monitor

Islamic State group jihadists beheaded eight Syrian rebels who had surrendered in a town on the border with Iraq last week despite pledges of an amnesty, a monitor said Monday.

Syria slams Turkey for allowing Kurdish fighters, Syrian rebels into Kobane

Syria Thursday accused Turkey of violating its borders by allowing Iraqi Kurdish Peshmerga forces and Syrian rebels to enter the predominantly Kurdish city of Kobane on the Syrian-Turkish border, Syria`s national television rreported.

Clashes near border as Turkey denies use of bases to battle IS

Kurdish fighters engaged in fierce clashes with jihadists on the Turkish border near Kobane on Monday, as Ankara denied allowing Washington to use its bases against the Islamic State group.

Syria calls Turkey''s anti-terror campaign ''huge deception''

Damascus, Oct 5 (IANS) Syria`s Deputy Foreign Faisal Mekdad said Saturday that the recent decision of the Turkish government to join the US-led anti-terror coalition was "a huge deception", the state news agency SANA reported.

US general says Syria rebel training could `take years`

 Retired US general John Allen, who is leading the international effort against Islamic State extremists, said Wednesday that the training of Syrian rebels would be a slow process. 

US too late on Syria: Former Pentagon chief Leon Panetta

The rise of the brutal Islamic State group can partly be blamed on President Barack Obama`s failure to arm moderate Syrian rebels far earlier, said former US defense secretary Leon Panetta.

Syria warns of chemical attack by rebels

Syria's foreign ministry Sunday warned that the opposition rebel groups may prepare to launch a chemical attack in Syria to frame its army.

Training Syrian rebels to take months, says White House

Training and equipping moderate Syrian rebels to fight Islamic State extremists will take months, the White House warned Friday a day after Congress approved the plan.

US Senate approves plan to train, arm Syrian rebels

The US Senate Thursday approved President Barack Obama's plan to train and arm Syrian rebels in the efforts to fight the Islamic State (IS) militant group, a day after the House of Representatives adopted the measure.

House okay's Obama's plan to train, equip Syrian rebels

The US House of Representatives Wednesday approved President Barack Obama's plan to train and equip Syrian rebels as part of efforts to fight the Islamic State militant group.

Syrian rebels seize UN weapons on the Golan: Ambassador

Syrian rebels linked to Al-Qaeda have seized UN weapons, uniforms and vehicles from peacekeepers in the Golan and set up a "safe zone" to wage attacks, the Syrian ambassador said Tuesday.

US lawmakers to debate tailored Syria action bill Tuesday

Republican leaders will seek to convince lawmakers Tuesday to authorize the Pentagon to train and equip moderate Syrian rebels to fight extremists, while also putting checks on President Barack Obama`s use-of-force powers.

US Congress may soon vote to arm, train Syria rebels

US lawmakers could vote within days to authorize the military to arm and train moderate Syrian rebels, with Democrats drafting the legislation Wednesday in an effort to reverse advances by the Islamic State (IS).