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T. rex`s neck was powerful enough to hunt and attack

A new study suggests that the Tyrannosaurus rex did not need proper arms, because its head and neck were so powerful.

This T-Rex to protect low-rise homes against quake

Take heart as deadly dinosaur T. Rex has not come back to life!

T. rex`s `pygmy` cousin discovered in Alaska

A 70 million year old fossil discovered in the Late Cretaceous sediments of Alaska reveals a new small tyrannosaur.

Duck-billed dinosaurs had fleshy `rooster-like cock comb`

A rare, mummified specimen of the duck-billed dinosaur, Edmontosauraus regalis, has shown for the first time that those dinosaurs` heads were adorned with a fleshy comb, most similar to the roosters` red crest.

Fossil found in US could help unravel mysterious dinosaur riddle

A fossil featuring two dinosaurs, one a top predator and the other a massive three-horned plant eater, could help unravel a mystery about a new type of dinosaurs.

Scientists discover T. Rex`s feathered kin

The new species, Yutyrannus huali, means "beautiful feathered tyrant" in a combination of Latin and Mandarin.

Bones of T. rex to make museum debut in Oregon

The skeleton of a Tyrannosaurus rex will make its museum debut at the Oregon Museum of Science and Industry along the banks of the Willamette River.

Remains of T. rex

A new analysis has shown traces of protein in the remains of T. rex.