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TV viewing reduces young kids` sleep

Researchers have confirmed that television viewing indeed results in reduced sleep among young children.

Thank mobiles and tablets for family TV viewing in living room

A new study has revealed that families are coming together to watch TV more now than they did 10 years ago, but they are bringing their tablets and smartphones with them.

Heavy TV viewing linked to more junk food intake in kids

Commercial TV viewing in the home was found to be related to greater junk food consumption among children, according to a recent study by researchers at the University of Michigan.

Bedroom TV increases children`s obesity risks

Children watching TV in bedrooms might have greater chances of becoming obese, says a US study.

TV viewing a cause for obesity?

Talking about foundation of lifestyle behaviours being established as early as pre-school, a study found that nearly half of obese children ate dinner in front of the TV more than three times a week.

Alternate scenes shot for `Kya Super Kool Hain Hum` for TV

After the TV debacle of `The Dirty Picture`, producer Ekta Kapoor has shot for alternative scenes of her latest adult comedy `Kya Super Kool Hain Hum` for tv viewing.

Too much TV viewing may take years off your life: Study

Spending your days in front of the television may contribute to a shortened lifespan, a latest Australian study has said.

Each hour of TV viewing reduces life span by 22mins

A study has found that watching TV might be as bad for your health as smoking or obesity, as each hour of TV viewing after the age of 25 may cut your life span by almost 22 minutes.

Excessive TV viewing causes aggression among kids: Survey

Children who watch TV for more than 35 hours a week are at a risk of obesity.