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Pakistan-brokered talks raise hopes of formal dialogue with Taliban

Pakistan-brokered talks raise hopes of formal dialogue with Taliban

 The Pakistan-brokered peace talks between the top officials of the Afghan government and the Taliban leaders have raised hopes for the start of a formal dialogue process, reports Xinhua.

TTP intermediaries to decide on venue for Taliban talks

Members representing the Tehreek-i-Taliban Pakistan (TTP) Thursday reached Waziristan in a special-charter helicopter to meet leaders from the Taliban shura ahead of peace talks with Pakistan government-nominated negotiators.

Karzai to boycott Taliban talks in Qatar

The Afghan government on Wednesday threatened to boycott planned talks with the Taliban in Qatar announced by the United States, saying the peace process had to be "Afghan-led".

India for cautious approach on talks with Taliban

India has sought a cautious
approach on the US-backed peace talks with the Taliban.

Germany backs Taliban talks in Afghanistan

Germany has the third largest contingent of foreign troops
in Afghanistan but had long rejected proposals to include the
Taliban in peace negotiations.

British PM backs Taliban talks on Afghan visit

British Prime Minister David Cameron also defended plans to increase British aid to Afghanistan.

Britain involved in Taliban talks: Hague

The United States has revealed it was in negotiations to end the Afghan war.

`Talk to Taliban with Pak, not India, in lead`

Arguing that some tactical successes will not defeat the Taliban in Afghanistan, a top US thing tank has sought opening of talks with the militant group but said India should not be included in any such parleys.

Karzai, Obama discuss prospects of Taliban talks

Afghan Prez Karzai discussed prospects of peace with the Taliban in a video phone conversation with Obama, Karzai`s office said on Tuesday.