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Chinese commemorate Tiananmen protests with images of tanks

Chinese application users on Sunday defied the internet censorship by sharing images of military tanks, instead of bikes, on the bike-sharing application, to recall the Tiananmen protests' 28th anniversary.

US approves $1.15 bn tank, weapons sale to Saudi Arabia

The announcement coincided with news that Saudi-led coalition warplanes had resumed air strikes on Yemen`s capital for the first time in three months.

International Fleet Review: India shows off naval prowess in "Operation Demo"

Watch this video to see the how the Indian Navy shows off its naval weaponry in a demo called "Operation Demo".

Invisibility cloak to project tanks as cows, cars

BAE System’s scientists in Sweden have designed a new invisibility cloak, which could protect tanks from heat seeking missiles.

`Chameleon` tanks to blend into backgrounds

Scientists at BAE Systems in Sweden can make a tank `disappear`, `sweat` or even look like a cow.