Conjoined twins from Tanzania separated in 11-hr surgery

Chennai: City-based Apollo Hospitals today announced the successful separation of a pair of conjoined twins from Tanzania in a surgery that took a marathon 11 hours and required the expertise of around 50 professionals.

Boy moms 25 percent more 'social' than daughter moms among chimps
Boy moms 25 percent more 'social' than daughter moms among chimps

 A new study has revealed that mothers of sons are about 25 percent more outgoing than mothers of daughters among chimpanzees.

Tanzania looks to India to set up tele-medicine network

A high-level delegation of medical experts from Tanzania led by its Health Minister Seif Suleiman Rashid on Thursday visited the Sanjay Gandhi Post Graduate Institute of Medical Sciences here to study its tele-medicine programme with a view to setting up a similar facility in their country.

27 new species found in Tanzania mountain forests: Study

Twenty-seven new vertebrate species have been found in Tanzania's Eastern Arc Mountain forests, said a new study availed by Xinhua Monday.

Tanzania to vote on new constitution: Government

Tanzania will hold a referendum in April 2015 on a new constitution, the government has announced, a move rejected by the opposition, who said Thursday that the drafting process ignored it.

Warring South Sudan leaders accept `responsibility` for civil war

South Sudan President Salva Kiir and his arch-rival rebel chief Riek Machar said Monday they accepted mutual responsibility for a 10-month civil war in which thousands of people have been killed.

Two suspected 'witches' hacked to death in Tanzania

Two Tanzanian women were hacked to death by men who accused them of casting spells that made them sexually impotent, police said on Friday, in the latest killings of alleged "witches".

Tanzania records zero poaching in largest game reserve
Tanzania records zero poaching in largest game reserve

After years of incessant elephant poaching, Tanzanian authorities said that there had been no poaching in the Selous Game Reserve for the past three months.

Rukwatitan Bisepultus: New species of dinosaur found in Tanzania
Rukwatitan Bisepultus: New species of dinosaur found in Tanzania

Paleontologists in Ohio have discovered a new species of titanosaurian dinosaur in Tanzania, a member of the large-bodied sauropods which thrived during the middle of the Cretaceous Period.

New Malawi President stakes claim to lake

Malawian President Peter Mutharika has affirmed his country`s claim to Lake Malawi as a feud simmers with neighbouring Tanzania over the vast territory where both sides are hoping to find oil.

17 killed in Tanzania road crash

At least 17 people were killed and 56 injured after a bus travelling to Dar es Salaam city collided with a lorry in Tanzania Wednesday, police said.

Indians injured in Tanzania restaurant bomb blast

At least eight people, most of them Indian nationals, were injured in a bomb blast in a restaurant in Tanzania`s northern tourism city of Arusha, witnesses said Tuesday.

Eight wounded in Tanzanian tourist town restaurant blast: Police

Eight people were wounded, one seriously, in a blast in a restaurant late Monday in the northern Tanzanian town of Arusha, police said Tuesday.

Libyan diplomat to Tanzania commits suicide

The acting Libyan ambassador to Tanzania, Ismail Nwairat, committed suicide Tuesday afternoon, Tanzanian government announced Wednesday.

UNESCO lists Tanzanian reserve among endangered heritage sites

UN cultural body UNESCO on Wednesday put the Selous Game Reserve in Tanzania on the list of endangered World Heritage sites because of widespread poaching.

One killed, several wounded in Zanzibar bombing: police

One person was killed and several others were wounded in a bomb attack near a mosque on Tanzania`s Indian Ocean island of Zanzibar, police said.

Tanzania complete strong east Africa showing

Tanzania completed a successful Africa Cup of Nations weekend for teams from the east of the continent by drawing 2-2 in Zimbabwe and reaching the third round.

EU wants Tanzania to stop people`s killings with albinism

The European Union (EU) in Tanzania Tuesday appealed to Tanzanian authorities to take all necessary measures to prevent further killings of people with albinism.

Tanzania `witch doctors` arrested after albino murder

Tanzanian police have arrested two alleged witch doctors after an albino woman was hacked to death for body parts, a rights group said on Wednesday.

Poaching could wipe out Tanzanian elephants in 7 years

Poachers are slaughtering Tanzania`s elephants for their ivory at such alarming rates that the population could be completely wiped out in just seven years, conservationists told a conference Friday.