Indian accused of stalking women in Australia

A 31-year-old Indian is facing trial in Australia on charges of stalking two women in 2012 and 2013.

Indian student goes missing in Australia

A 30-year-old Indian student has gone missing in Australia and police have launched a massive search operation after finding some of her belongings on the banks of a river in Tasmania state.

Wildfire in Australia, more than 100 homes gutted

A massive wildfire in southern Tasmania in Australia gutted more than 100 homes as officials searched for any casualties amidst the burnt ruins.

Self-immolation among Afghan women rises

An alarming number of Afghan women are setting themselves on fire in a desperate attempt to escape abuse, torture and domestic violence, human rights officials have said.

Not many will view Friday`s partial solar eclipse

The moon will appear to take a nibble out of the sun on Friday, a spectacle that will be visible from only a small sliver of the world.