Obese teens at higher risk of unintended pregnancies

Compared to their normal-weight peers, obese adolescents are significantly less likely to use contraception, putting them at higher risk of unintended pregnancies, says a new study.

Four teenagers drown in water tank in Visakhapatnam

Four teenagers including two brothers drowned in a water tank at Narsapuram village here, police said Monday.

This is how teens can now effectively manage stress, build resiliency

A new study has revealed that a novel resiliency training program can help teenagers effectively manage stress and increase productivity.

Sexting is the 'new norm' for teens

A new study has revealed that "sexting" has now become the "new norm" for teenagers.

Now, mobile app to help teens avoid 'risky' sexual behavior

 With this new mobile app, it`ll be easier for parents, educators and clinicians to help teens make more informed decisions about their sexual behavior.

Singapore detains two `self-radicalised` teenagers

Singapore has detained two "self-radicalised" teenagers, including one who was planning to join the Islamic State group and carry out violent attacks in the city-state, the government said Wednesday.

Behavioural training can prevent cannabis use: Study

Brief behavioural training sessions can help prevent, reduce or delay cannabis use among some at-risk teenagers, new research says.

Slow cognitive process among teens linked with depression, anxiety as adults

A new study has observed that teens with slower performance on a test of "cognitive processing speed" are more likely to have depression and anxiety symptoms as adults.

Protein-rich snacks make teens feel full, diet better

Munching on snacks rich in protein promotes feeling of fullness, and helps teenagers cut down unhealthy eating habits, finds a new research.

Sleep problems linked to alcohol consumption in teenagers

Teenagers who sleep less or stay awake late in the night are significantly more likely to consume alcohol and marijuana as compared to their peers who report better sleep patterns, says a new research.

Minors brutally beaten up by Madhya Pradesh cops over petty theft

Madhya Pradesh cops were caught on a camera brutally beating up two boys with a cane over minor theft in Katni.

Spotify data proves teens much cooler than elders
Spotify data proves teens much cooler than elders

Spotify data has proved assumptions about taste in music that teens are far more cool than their elders in their music preferences.

Alcohol has lasting impact on memory in teenagers

Drinking alcohol heavily during adolescence results in long-lasting changes in parts of the brain that control learning and memory, says a study.

Cell phone-blocking tech lessens distracted driving among teens
Cell phone-blocking tech lessens distracted driving among teens

A new study has revealed that "distracted" adolescent-drivers are less likely to use phones or drive erratically when cameras and blocking programs are in place.

'At-risk' teens most likely to benefit from sexual health text message services

 A new study has revealed that text messaging services are useful for reaching "at-risk" teens about sex.

How to better equip teens to thwart online risks

Boosting teenagers' ability to cope with online risks, rather than trying to stop them from using the internet, is a more effective strategy for keeping them safe, says a new study.

E-cigarettes less likely to encourage teens to smoke

A new study has demonstrated that lot of teenagers give it a try to smoke try e-cigarettes, however, only few become regular users.

Binge drinking as teenagers results in anxious adults

Binge drinking during adolescence may perturb brain development and have lasting effects on genes and the behaviour of an individual, says a new study led by an Indian-American psychiatrist.

British researchers call for control over e-cigarettes

A large-scale survey of e-cigarette use among high school students in England has revealed one in five have accessed them, according to findings published on Tuesday in the journal BMC Public Health.

Punishment pushes up pot use among teenagers

Suspending kids from school for using marijuana is likely to lead to more - not less - pot use among their classmates, a study has found.