Curtains for 163-year-old telegram service

Curtains came down on Sunday on the 163-year-old telegram service in the country.

People queue up to bid farewell to telegram service

Over 3,500 people turned up at telegraph centres in the Capital which have almost been forgotten in recent years to send a message to their loved ones during the last week of the 160-year-old telegram service.

India`s 160-yr-old telegram service to end today

The country`s last telegram will be sent out on Sunday as the operations of the 160-year-old telegram service are all set to discontinue from tonight.

Javed Akhtar sends last telegrams to grandkids

Javed Akhtar has sent his "last telegrams" to his grandchildren, and his wife, actor-activist Shabana Azmi hopes they "treasure" them as the age-old telegram service is reportedly coming to an end July 15.

BJP slams decision to discontinue telegram service

The BJP on Saturday slammed the Centre`s decision to discontinue the 160-year-old telegram service from July 15 saying it was the first step at weakening the postal department and demanded that it be restored.

Curtains down for 160-year-old telegram service

Smart phones, emails and SMS seem to have pushed the humble telegram service to a quiet corner.

Curtains down for 160-year old telegram service

The telegraph service is to be discontinued with effect from July 15, 2013.