How brain helps to resist temptation revealed

A new study has found that the brain`s memory systems help in resisting temptations.

`Postponing a snack could help resist your temptation`

If a mouth-watering hamburger or a pizza is tempting you to break your diet, tell yourself that you will have it later.

Temptation for food is maximum during mid-afternoon

A myth that a midnight snack spelt doom for people on a diet has finally been broken.

Why men may remain monogamous despite temptation

Men naturally find ovulating women more attractive, but deliberately play down this attraction if they are in a committed relationship.

Temptation is something that men live with constantly, says Ajay

Action star Ajay Devgn, who is gearing up for his latest comic flick ‘Dil Toh Bachcha Hai Ji’ believes that flirting comes naturally to men and temptation is something they live with persistently. Ajay, who plays Naren in the film, is attracted to a 19 year old colleague of his. He plays a married man, who contemplates divorce from his wife after, being drawn to the young girl.

Scientists found a region in brain responsible for temptation

American scientists have identified
a region in the human brain which is responsible for a
person`s ability to resist temptation.

Overconfidence leads people into temptation

Overconfidence often leads people into temptation, says a new study.

Controlling temptation more difficult than believed

Resisting that craving for chocolates, or avoiding the urge to buy that diamond necklace, is more difficult than it seems, say researchers from the Kellogg School of Management.