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Malaysia says suspected Islamic State-linked militant was planning suicide attack

 Malaysia`s police chief said on Saturday that a suspected militant arrested in a train station in Kuala Lumpur had confessed to planning a suicide attack in the country.

Malaysia cup semi-final erupts into violence

Malaysia cup semi-final erupts into violence

Police fired 30 rounds of tear gas to disperse rioting fans and arrested 25 after a Malaysia FA Cup semi-final between Terengganu and Singapore`s Lions XII, a senior security official said Monday.

Malaysia death toll up to 10, fears of fresh flooding

Ten people have been killed in Malaysia`s worst flooding for 30 years and over 219,000 displaced from their homes, local media reported Tuesday, with residents worried about further inundation. 

Ruling party retains seat in Malaysian by-election

Malaysia`s ruling party retained a state seat in the first by-election since May`s controversial General Election.