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UK police chief claims `4 or 5` terror plots foiled

British police have foiled four or five suspected terror plots this year, the country`s most senior police officer said Sunday ahead of a week-long campaign to enlist the public`s help in countering the threat.

US cyber spying foiled terrorist plots in 20 countries, including India

The controversial secret cyber spying programme run by America`s NSA foiled more than 50 potential terrorist plots in as many as 20 countries, including India.

NSA chief says surviellance averted `dozens` of terror attacks

NSA Director Keith Alexander on Wednesday sought to defend the act, saying that they were able to thwart “dozens of terrorist events” due to internet and phone snooping efforts.

UAE arrests militants; busts terror plotting cells

UAE has arrested members of a terrorist cell made up of Emirati and Saudi militants who were plotting to carry out attacks in the two Gulf countries and their allies.

Failed US strategy led to rising number of terror plots: Report

The rising number of
terrorist plots in the US with links to Pakistan is partly a
result of an unsuccessful strategy by Islamabad and Washington
to weaken the range of militant groups operating there, a new study has said.

Al Qaeda turning to smaller attacks: White House

Al Qaeda`s capacity to mount 9/11-style spectaculars had been undermined by the US` action.

Admiral says US frets over small-size terror plots

Small, hard-to-detect terror
plots are an increasing worry of the military command
responsible for protecting US territory, according to the top
Navy officer tapped to take over US Northern Command.