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Belgium accepts transfer of Paris attacks suspect: Report

France has requested the extradition of four suspects, including Attou and Amri, charged in Belgium over the Paris carnage.

Rare mass 'terror' trial opens in the UAE

A rare mass trial of 41 radical Islamists accused of seeking to overthrow the government and links with "terrorists" opened on Monday in the United Arab Emirates, official media reported.

Pakistan military courts start terror case proceedings

Pakistani military courts have started proceedings in 12 terror cases, a media report said Friday.

US seeks to use Osama bin Laden letters at terror trial

Prosecutors want a judge presiding over a terrorism trial to let them show jurors letters recovered in the raid that killed Osama bin Laden to boost evidence against a man snatched off the streets of Libya last year.

US attorney general’s future uncertain amid terror trial disputes

US Attorney General Eric Holder took office pledging a sharp shift away from the last administration`s policies, but an apparent change of heart in the White House could see the top lawyer leave his job.

German court convicts suspects for foiled anti-US plot

Two Germans and two Turkish men were convicted on Thursday over a foiled 2007 plot to attack US targets in Germany and given prison sentences ranging up to 12 years.