New Strings app allows you to take back 'embarrassing' texts and images

A new social networking application called Strings allows users to take back embarrassing texts and images once shared with other users.

Device that translates sign language into text for deaf

Researchers have developed a novel computer system that enables deaf people to translate gestures used in sign language into text.

School texts parents `Your child is a piece of s**t` in China

Over 600 parents were shocked and furious to receive a text message from their children`s school calling pupils "a piece of s**t."

Charge your smartphones by sending a text

An Australian University team, led by an Indian-origin researcher, has developed a mechanism where your smartphones could be charged by just touching the screen or sending a text.

Bong actress Bipasha Basu upset by hoax message

Bong beauty Bipasha Basu, who has been denying her split with boyfriend John Abraham recently send a text to all the guys on her phone saying `Hi, I am single`. it`s enough to cause a tsunami-like uproar.

Couples more likely to text `I love you` than saying it

It seems mobile phones are proving to be handy for couples in love who can`t muster enough courage to express their feelings face to face.

Liz Hurley ‘dumps Shane Warne over sex text scandal’

Liz has dumped Shane Warne after learning that the cricketer had sent sexual text messages to a married Australian woman.

Text of President Barack Obama`s address to Indian Parliament

Text of President Barack Obama`s address to the joint session of India`s Parliament made at its Central Hall on Monday:

Teens text every 10 mins every day

A new study has revealed that teenagers on an average send and receive text messages every 10 minutes of every waking hour of every day of the year.

Google demonstrates phone that translates text

Stumped by foreign languages when you`re traveling? Google Inc. is working on software that translates text captured by a phone camera.

Text service resumes 6 months after Xinjiang riots

Text messaging services restarted with some restrictions on Sunday for cell phone users in far Western China, more than six months after deadly ethnic rioting prompted the government to shut them down.