Ousted party urges Thais to reject junta`s constitution

The political party toppled in Thailand`s 2014 coup urged voters Wednesday to reject the military`s proposed new constitution, describing it as an undemocratic document that would further entrench army rule.

Thai authorities arrest 4 students opposed to military rule

Authorities in Thailand have arrested members of a student group opposed to military rule.

Thai junta says elections likely in June 2017

Thailand`s junta Wednesday said elections are unlikely to take place before June 2017 in the latest delay to the restoration of democracy since the military seized power last year.

Thai junta orders cancellation of human rights event

Thailand`s military rulers Thursday banned a panel discussion exploring rights abuses alleged to have taken place during the junta`s one-year rule.

Thai junta delays polls, raising questions about return to democracy

Thai junta delays polls, raising questions about return to democracy

Thailand`s junta delayed a general election by at least six months on Tuesday, hours after former Thai Prime Minister Yingluck Shinawatra was banned from travelling overseas, raising questions about a promised return to democracy.

Thailand deliberates new constitution to end turmoil

Deliberations began Monday on a new Thai constitution, which includes clauses to stop parties winning a majority and allows unelected officials to govern, in a bid by the Thai junta to end a near-decade of political turmoil.

Thai junta vows to `hunt` fugitive lese majeste suspects

The Thai junta on Wednesday said it will "hunt" fugitives wanted under the kingdom`s strict royal defamation law, vowing to press foreign governments to hand over suspects seeking sanctuary abroad.

Thai junta bans computer game simulating dictatorship

Thailand`s junta has banned a computer game which allows players to craft their own military dictatorship in a fictional paradise where "sunny beaches and political corruption" co-exist, authorities said Tuesday.

Thai junta appoints army-dominated legislature

Thailand`s junta on Thursday appointed a military-dominated interim legislature in another step in the slow return of promised electoral democracy.

New charter allows Thai junta chief to be interim PM

Thailand`s military junta on Wednesday unveiled details of a new provisional constitution that would give sweeping powers to its chief, allowing him to serve as an interim prime minister.

Thai king endorses junta`s new constitution

Thailand`s junta won approval from the king on Tuesday for an interim constitution mapping out year-long political reforms.

Thai junta allows ousted PM Yingluck Shinawatra to leave country

Thailand`s former PM Yingluck Shinawatra was granted permission by the military junta to travel to Europe for a 20-day trip for the first time after the first woman premier was ousted in a coup.

Thai junta releases activist detained for almost a month

The military junta governing Thailand has said it has released an opposition activist who had been in detention since May 28 this year, media reported Wednesday.

Thai junta gets tough on World Cup gambling

Thailand`s military leaders are cracking down on illegal gambling, which is forecast to soar during the World Cup, as part of a campaign to clean up the country and restore its image.

Thai protest leader, junta chief in talks since 2010

Thai protest leader Suthep Thaugsuban said that he had advised junta chief Prayuth Chan-ocha on ways to uproot Thaksin Shinawatra`s regime since 2010, media reported Monday.

Thai junta sets up reform, reconciliation committee

The Thai military junta has set up a new committee to take charge of reconciliation and reform in the country, an official said Tuesday.

Thailand and Cambodia agree to quash `rumours` after worker exodus

Thailand and Cambodia agreed Tuesday to quash "rumours" of a crackdown against illegal migrant workers by the new Thai junta after the exodus of nearly 180,000 Cambodian labourers.

Thai military junta denies crackdown on foreign workers

Thailand`s military-run National Council for Peace and Order (NCPO) Monday clarified that it wasn`t cracking down on migrant workers.

142,000 Cambodian workers return home from Thailand: Official

More than 140,000 Cambodians had fled jobs in Thailand to return home as of Monday, fearing a crackdown on illegal migrants under junta rule, an official said.

Thai cyber police step up royal slur patrols

Thailand`s military is bolstering its self-designated role as protector of the monarchy with increased "cyber patrols" to root out critics of the king following last month`s coup.