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Britain gets respite from flooding crisis

Last Updated: Monday, February 17, 2014, 03:22

Britain`s flooding crisis eased on Sunday with the arrival of drier weather following a series of fierce storms, while the government pledged to have the army conduct a rapid inspection of flood defences.

Britain braces for more floods after violent storm

Last Updated: Sunday, February 16, 2014, 07:49

Sodden communities along the River Thames braced for more floods Sunday, as Britain counted the cost of a storm that claimed several lives and left tens of thousands of homes without power.

Mass power outages, man dead in storm-battered Britain

Last Updated: Thursday, February 13, 2014, 08:54

Flood-hit Britain suffered a fresh battering from storms and high winds that caused power outages to nearly 150,000 homes, the cancellation of football matches and the death of one man.

Storms, high winds batter flooded parts of Britain

Last Updated: Wednesday, February 12, 2014, 23:46

Flooded communities in Britain faced a fresh battering from storms and high winds on Wednesday, with hundreds more homes threatened by the advancing waters.

Hundreds of homes on Thames swamped as UK floods spread

Last Updated: Wednesday, February 12, 2014, 04:27

Hundreds of homes were swamped by floods along the River Thames today while British Prime Minister David Cameron warned that stricken communities were "in it for the long haul".

British flood victims angry at lack of help

Last Updated: Tuesday, February 11, 2014, 18:45

The floodwaters are rising in Datchet but there appears to be no one around to help except David Cannon the water-taxi man.

River Thames` banks burst, London under threat

Last Updated: Tuesday, February 11, 2014, 09:22

Flooding has spread along the River Thames and now threatens London, amid a political row over the handling of devastating winter storms.

River Thames breaches its banks near London

Last Updated: Monday, February 10, 2014, 20:38

The River Thames has burst its banks after reaching its highest level in years, flooding riverside towns upstream of London.

Now, take a trip down River Thames courtesy Google Street View

Last Updated: Tuesday, October 29, 2013, 13:50

Google Street View is giving a 360-degree view of the River Thames for the first time.

Thirty tourists rescued from London boat fire

Last Updated: Sunday, September 29, 2013, 23:13

Tour boat passengers jumped into the River Thames to escape a fire on their World War II-era amphibious vehicle near London`s parliament house on Sunday, the emergency services said.

Pandit Ravi Shankar tribute on the Thames

Last Updated: Thursday, September 19, 2013, 19:45

One of Britain`s leading Hindustani and Carnatic music festivals will honour the memory of legendary sitar maestro Ravi Shankar this year.

New discovery suggests humans lived on River Thames 9,000 years ago

Last Updated: Friday, August 09, 2013, 18:07

Archaeologists working on the Crossrail project have unearthed rare evidence that humans lived on the River Thames 9,000 years ago.