China's Three Gorges Power Plant claims new world record

 China's Three Gorges Power Plant, the largest hydropower project in the country, generated 98.8 billion kwh of electricity in 2014, bettering the world record for hydropower generation set by Brazil's Itaipu hydroelectric plant, officials claimed today.

Huge Chinese dam experiences big flood

The Three Gorges Dam witnessed its biggest flood this year when water from the Yangtze river gushed at 69,000 cubic metres per second.

Expedite Chinese power projects: Pakistan Prez

Pakistan’s President Asif Ali Zardari appreciated Chinese assistance to the country, especially in the power sector.

China`s Three Gorges Dam reaches maximum capacity

Water rose to the maximum level at China`s Three Gorges Dam on Tuesday.

Floating garbage threatens China`s Three Gorges Dam

Hundred of tonnes of garbage
washed down by recent torrential rain are threatening to jam
China`s massive Three Gorges Dam.

China floods put pressure on Three Gorges Dam

China has promoted the Dam as the best way to end centuries of floods.

Three Gorges dam withstands peak flood test

China`s Three Gorges Dam has passed its biggest flood control test by sustaining a massive water flow.

1.3 million flee as China flooding kills 155

Heavy seasonal flooding in China has killed at least 155 people and forced more than 1 mn to flee.

Three Gorges dam affecting Chinese sturgeon

China`s Three Gorges dam has affected reproductivity of the wild Chinese sturgeon.

300,000 more to relocate due to China`s Three Gorges Dam

Another 300,000 people will be
forced to relocate due to China`s controversial Three Gorges
Dam and its huge reservoir, the project which has been
criticised for its huge human and environmental costs.

China to relocate 300,000 more for Three Gorges Dam: Report

An additional 300,000 people will be forced to move from their homes because of China`s controversial Three Gorges Dam and its huge reservoir, state media reported on Thursday.

1.27 million displaced by China`s Three Gorges Dam

China has relocated 1.27 million people to make way for the controversial Three Gorges dam development, the world`s largest hydroelectric project, state media reported.