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Still young at 81, it's to do with peace of mind, says Dalai Lama

Still young at 81, it's to do with peace of mind, says Dalai Lama

Eighty-one and still young. The Dalai Lama believes it`s to do with peace of mind.

Tibet govt-in-exile in Dharamsala unpopular among Tibetans: China

China Tuesday called the Dharamsala-based Tibetan government-in-exile "unpopular" in Tibet and its recent election for the post of Prime Minister a "political farce" as no country has recognised it in the world.

'Dalai Lama, followers inciting self-immolation by Tibetans'

A 16-year-old Tibetan student Dorjee Tsering set himself ablaze in Dehradun last week and died later.

China says its role vital in appointing Dalai Lama's successor

Hardening its stance on the appointment of the Dalai Lama's successor, China on Sunday said it played a "vital role" in the succession as it had officially conferred the title of the 5th Dalai Lama in 1653.

Family fails to get Tibetan lama's body after prison death

Chinese authorities have refused to release the body of a Tibetan lama who died in a Chinese prison, prompting a sit-in outside the prison by more than 100 Tibetans, a pro-Tibet rights group has said.

China restricts passports for Tibetans: Rights group

Beijing effectively bans Tibetans and other ethnic minorities from obtaining passports, Human Rights Watch said Monday, amid a surge in Chinese tourists travelling abroad.

Dalai Lama to celebrate 80th birthday in California

The Dalai Lama launches three days of celebrations Sunday in California for his 80th birthday at what is billed as a Global Compassion Summit but which is expected to draw protests.

How climate change forced early Tibetans to modify lifestyle

Solving a 4,000-year-old archaeological mystery, researchers have found that climate change may be responsible for the abrupt collapse of civilisation on the fringes of the Tibetan Plateau around 2000 BC.

Secular moral education can be key to happiness: Dalai Lama

Devon Streich

"Science and religion are two different languages telling the same story."

'Tibetan protests against China's Winter Olympic bid doomed to fail'

Overseas Tibetan groups' protests against China's bid to host the 2022 Olympic Winter Games were doomed to fail as they were "clumsy" and "laughable", according to a media report.

Dalai Lama, 79, still longing for his homeland

Fifty-six years in exile in India and still longing for his homeland: spiritual leader the Dalai Lama said the spirit of Tibetans in Tibet is still very strong.

Not a degree of freedom for Tibetans within China: US diplomat

Tibetans within China do not enjoy freedom within the Communist nation, a top US diplomat has said after meeting Tibetan refugees in India and Nepal.

Tibetans to get US help to fight tuberculosis

 The Tibetans in exile will now get funds to fight with one of the biggest health problems, tuberculosis (TB).

Tibetans stage protest against Xi Jinping's visit outside Taj Palace

Scores of Tibetans staged a protest Friday morning outside Hotel Taj Palace where Chinese President Xi Jinping and his wife are staying.

India-China border issues can be resolved only through understanding, talks: Dalai Lama

India-China border issues can be resolved only through understanding, talks: Dalai Lama

Tibetan spiritual leader the Dalai Lama on Thursday appreciated Chinese President Xi Jinping as being open-minded and realistic, while expressing hope that he can take the India-China bilateral relations forward.

Tibetans protest Chinese President Xi Jinping's visit

Tibetan refugees on Thursday staged a protest in south Delhi's Dhaula Kuan area against Chinese President Xi Jingping's visit to India, police said.

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Delhi Police detain Tibetans protesting against Xi Jinping's visit

Delhi Police on Wednesday detained Tibetan Youth Congress protesters who were agitating against Chinese President Xi Jinping's three-day visit to India beginning from Wednesday. They were protesting outside the Chinese Embassy here.

8,000-year-old gene key to Tibetans` high altitude adaptation

In a major breakthrough, US researchers have found a genetic cause - a single DNA base pair change that dates back 8,000 years - that contributes to the Tibetans` ability to live in low-oxygen conditions.

`Extinct human gene helped Tibetans survive high altitudes`

In a ground breaking discovery, researchers have found that Tibetans were able to adapt to high altitudes thanks to a gene picked up when their ancestors mated with a species of humans they helped push to extinction.