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Rape rarely leads to pregnancy, says another Republican

Now, another Republican has sparked a row saying pregnancies by rape are rare because a woman`s body is traumatized by the violence.

Two Republicans court defeat with rape remarks

Two Republican lawmakers, who courted controversy with their provocative remarks on rape and abortion, have been defeated.

Go f**k yourself: GOP Senate hopeful to reporter

A Republican Senate candidate from Washington, Michael Baumgartner, was asked to clarify his position on abortion.

Romney ‘agreed on almost everything’ with Willke

Dr Jack Willke, a prominent anti-abortion campaigner, claimed to be an authority on the theory espoused by Todd Akin.

Rape is rape, period end of story: Paul Ryan

Todd Akin recently sparked outrage by saying it was ‘really rare’ that women who were raped became pregnant.

US: Barack Obama says Akin ‘missed science class’

US President Barack Obama has mocked Republican lawmaker Todd Akin over his offensive definition of ‘legitimate rape’.

Todd Akin stays in Senate race despite ‘legitimate rape’ remarks

Republican Todd Akin, who came under fire for his offensive definition of ‘legitimate rape’, refused to drop out of Senate race amid mounting pressure.

Obama slams `offensive` remarks, insists: `Rape is rape`

US President Barack Obama termed Todd Akin`s remarks as offensive and insisted that a "rape is a rape" and there can be no differentiation in it.

Outrage over US Republican`s rape comment

A US lawmaker has sparked outrage by claiming that victims of ‘legitimate rape’ rarely get pregnant.