Tom Hanks to film 'Da Vinci Code' part three in 2015
Tom Hanks to film 'Da Vinci Code' part three in 2015

 Actor Tom Hanks and director Ron Howard are scheduled to head to Italy to shoot the third film of the "Da Vinci Code" series next year.

Tom Hanks shoots `A Hologram for the King` in Egypt

Hollywood star Tom Hanks is in Egypt to shoot for his upcoming film `A Hologram for the King`.

Tom Hanks enjoys World Cup match with family

Hollywood superstar Tom Hanks and his family enjoyed the World Cup match between US and Belgium, and posted a picture of them engrossed in the game.

`Forrest Gump` to hit theatres again for its 20th anniversary

Paramount studio announced that they will re-release ` Forrest Gump` for the film`s 20th anniversary in September.

Tom Hanks preparing to reunite with Steven Spielberg

Actor-director Tom Hanks is reportedly looking forward to reuniting with `Jurassic Park` director Steven Spielberg for an untitled project that is based on the true story of attorney James Donovan.

Tom Hanks is healthier than ever, says wife Rita Wilson

Hollywood star Tom Hanks has turned his lifestyle around following his diabetes diagnosis last year, according to his wife Rita Wilson.

`Captain Phillips` star Barkhad Abdi broke?

Barkhad Abdi, who earned an Oscar nomination for his role in `Captain Phillips`, is reportedly finding it hard to make ends meet despite finding fame with the Tom Hanks starrer film.

`Saving Mr. Banks` review: A tribute worth a watch!

An engaging, well-crafted and mounted drama, `Saving Mr. Banks` is the Golden Jubilee tribute to Walt Disney`s 1964 family musical hit, `Mary Poppins`.

Tom Hanks's weird gifting options for Christmas

Hollywood star Tom Hanks says he is planning to gift a toaster or a rice cooker to his wife Rita Wilson for Christmas.

Tom Hanks fan of `Doctor Who`

Hollywood superstar Tom Hanks admits he is a fan of science-fiction television programme `Doctor Who`.

`Last Vegas` sequel with Tom Hanks, Will Smith?

‘Last Vegas’ director Jon Turtelaub has expressed interest in making a sequel to the recently released buddy comedy with actors Tom Hanks and Will Smith playing key roles.

Give me superhero roles, says Tom Hanks

Tom Hanks has never slipped into a superhero cloak, but he does want to don one such role.

Tom Hanks helped Mathew McConaughey lose weight

Actor Matthew McConaughey turned to actor Tom Hanks for advice on losing weight for his forthcoming movie ‘Dallas Buyers Club’.

`Captain Phillips` review: Focused and grounded

There seems to be a deluge of survival stories hitting the theatres of late. After ‘Prisoners’ and ‘Gravity’, this week we have ‘Captain Phillips’.

Tom Hanks impressed by Captain Phillip Richards

Actor Tom Hanks, who stars in ‘Captain Phillips’, based on real life hero Captain Phillip Richards, finds him to be a very inspiring man.

Diabetes would affect future roles: Tom Hanks

Hollywood star Tom Hanks thinks gaining or losing weight for his future movie roles would be difficult now that he has been diagnosed with diabetes.

Playing a real person huge responsibility: Tom Hanks

Tom Hanks, who plays the role of captain Richard Phillips in his upcoming movie of the same name, feels that doing the role of a real person comes with special responsibility.

Tom Hanks doesn`t watch his movies

Actor Tom Hanks says he is not fond of watching his own movies.

Tom Hanks supports Zac Efron`s rehab stint

Tom Hanks has applauded his `Parkland` co-star Zac Efron for seeking help for his substance problem.

Tom Hanks doesn`t care about money

Tom Hanks isn`t driven by big paydays and would be just as happy earning small salaries like he did in his early career.