Tom Hiddleston to play Hank Williams in biopic

`Midnight` star Tom Hiddleston will play the iconic country crooner Hank Williams in the biopic `I Saw the Light`.

`Muppets Most Wanted` review: Charming film, wasted celebrities

At the very outset of this musical extravaganza you are warned, "We are doing a sequel and everyone knows that sequels aren`t quite good". You could either take this literally or with a pinch of salt.

Tom Hiddleston avoids social media

Actor Tom Hiddleston tries to avoid social media because he believes it gives off a "distorted reflection" of society.

`Thor: The Dark World` review: Suffers from superhero fatigue

Director Alan Taylor`s `Thor: The Dark World` is a Marvel Comics franchise based on Norse Mythology, where Thor is the hammer-wielding protector of mankind, who uncompromisingly pursues his foes.

I am not afraid of death: Tom Hiddleston

‘Midnight in Paris’ star Tom Hiddleston says he is not afraid of dying but fears of having regrets in life.

Tom Hiddleston wants Loki to romance in `Thor` movies

Tom Hiddleston, who plays God of Mischief Loki in `Thor` movies, wants his character to have a romantic angle.

Loki not in `The Avengers 2`?

Tom Hiddleston reportedly will not be reprising his role as Loki in Joss Whedon`s `The Avengers` sequel.

Tom Hiddleston in talks for lead in `The Crow`?

‘Avengers’ star Tom Hiddleston is reportedly in talks to play the lead in the remake of 1994 supernatural-action film ‘The Crow’.

Tom Hiddleston set to star in `Capa`

Tom Hiddleston is set to play famed war photographer Robert Capa in Paul Andrew Williams` biopic, `Capa`.

Tom Hiddleston`s action against poverty

Actor Tom Hiddleston has vowed to live on less than a pound a day for an entire week to support a Unicef campaign against poverty.

Dan Stevens to play Darcy in `Pride and Prejudice` spin-off

Former `Downton Abbey` star Dan Stevens is set to take the coveted role of Darcy in a `Pride And Prejudice` spin-off.

Brit Tom Hiddleston beats Robert Pattinson to become ‘sexiest actor alive’

2013 seems to be already proving to be a great year for the British as Tom Hiddleston has toppled Robert Pattinson from his position as “sexiest actor alive”.

Tom Hiddleston named world`s hottest man

Tom Hiddleston has been named the world`s hottest actor. He has pipped artists like Ryan Gosling and Chris Hemsworth for the title.

Tom Hiddleston wants a holiday

Tom Hiddleston says he is desperate for a holiday because he has not been on vacation for five years.