Tony Blair joins UK election fray with EU warning

 Former prime minister Tony Blair plunged into Britain`s general election fray on Tuesday, sounding a warning about the dangers of the country leaving the EU.

Modi's religious beliefs helped shape his political views

Prime Minister Narendra Modi`s religious beliefs helped shape his political views and he has no desire to jettison Hindu nationalist ideology, says a new book and notes that Modi risks alienating a section of his supporters if he allows the more extreme elements of Hindutva to influence governance.

Blair poised to step back from Mideast role: Report

Tony Blair is poised to step back from his role with the diplomatic Middle East Quartet, the Financial Times reported Sunday, citing several people familiar with the situation.

Tony Blair warns of `further catastrophe` in Gaza

Middle East Quartet envoy Tony Blair on Sunday warned during a visit to the Gaza Strip of "another eruption" in the Palestinian enclave devastated from last summer`s conflict with Israel.

Head of UK's Iraq war inquiry defends report delay

Long delays in the publication of Britain`s official inquiry into the Iraq war were unavoidable due to its complexity, the head of the inquiry, former civil servant John Chilcot, told a parliamentary committee on Wednesday.

British Iraq war report delay sparks cover-up claims

A further delay to a report into Britain`s role in the Iraq war sparked angry claims of a cover-up on Wednesday, illustrating the lingering controversy over a conflict in which 179 British soldiers died.

British inquiry into Iraq war delayed to after election

A long-awaited public inquiry into Britain`s role in the Iraq war will not be published until after an election in May, it was reported on Wednesday, sparking criticism of the delay.

Ex-British PM Gordon Brown to leave politics

Rivals and allies are paying tribute to former British Prime Minister Gordon Brown, who plans to step down from Parliament at a national election in May.

Staff backlash over charity's award for Tony Blair

Almost 200 staff at the global charity Save the Children have signed a letter condemning its decision to give former British prime minister Tony Blair an award for his work on debt relief.

David Cameron 'shoved' by man in security breach

In a security breach, a man ran up to British Prime Minister David Cameron and appeared to shove him as he left a press conference in Leeds.

British ex-PM Tony Blair may have been terrorism target, court hears

  A man charged with terrorism offences at a trial so sensitive that prosecutors sought to have it heard entirely in secret might have been planning an attack on former British Prime Minister Tony Blair, a court heard on Tuesday.

Mizoram ex-CM Zoramthanga meets Tony Blair's peace team

Mizoram's former chief minister Zoramthanga held discussion in New Delhi with Dessislava Roussanova, one of the team members of former British Prime Minister Tony Blair on brokering peace in neighbouring Myanmar.

Former British PM Tony Blair named "gay icon"
Former British PM Tony Blair named "gay icon"

Former British Prime Minister Tony Blair was named one of the top "gay icons" of the last thirty years on Friday in recognition of his work for gay rights.

British opposition readies election challenge to Conservatives

Conservative bashing, stirring words about social equality and warnings over populism: Britain`s main opposition party this week prepped its ranks for next year`s general election.

Ex-PM emerges as unlikely `saviour` of United Kingdom

The man credited with swinging Scotland`s independence referendum and saving Prime Minister David Cameron`s job is ironically his predecessor, Gordon Brown, who was defeated by Cameron in the 2010 General Election.

London bombings memorial vandalised on ninth anniversary

Vandals defaced a memorial to the victims of the July 7, 2005 London bombings on Monday, on the ninth anniversary of the attack that left 52 people dead.

The stainless steel columns in Hyde Park were daubed with messages referencing former prime minister Tony Blair, who took Britain into the US-led wars in Iraq and Afghanistan, as well as the four suicide bombers.

2003 invasion not to blame for Iraq crisis: Tony Blair

Former British Prime Minister Tony Blair says the West`s failure to intervene in Syria is to blame for the violent insurgency in neighbouring Iraq not the 2003 invasion that toppled Saddam Hussein.

Iraq crisis not result of 2003 Iraq invasion: Blair

The 2003 Iraq invasion is not to blame for the violent insurgency now gripping the country, former British prime minister Tony Blair said, according to media reports.

EU election results `cannot be ignored`: Tony Blair

Former British prime minister Tony Blair was on Monday to call for a shake-up of the European Union following the dramatic gains made by eurosceptic parties in last week`s EU-wide elections.

Britain`s Iraq inquiry to see parts of Blair-Bush letters

The British government agreed on Thursday to give extracts of letters from Tony Blair to George W Bush to an inquiry into the Iraq war, overcoming the main hurdle to publication of the long-awaited report.