Donald Trump blasts Tony Blair for 'terrible job' - Iraq War

Donald Trump blasts Tony Blair for 'terrible job' - Iraq War

The US presidential hopeful Donald Trump has attacked former British Prime Minister Tony Blair for the Iraq War "disaster", saying he did a "terrible job" by invading.

How Tony Blair prevented Muammar Gaddafi's chemical weapons from falling into Islamic State's hands

How Tony Blair prevented Muammar Gaddafi's chemical weapons from falling into Islamic State's hands

Blair, as ex-PM, had spoken to Gaddafi on phone before he was killed.

Tony Blair sorry for Iraq war 'mistakes', admits it gave rise to ISIS

Former British Prime Minister Tony Blair has apologised for aspects of the Iraq war.

Hamas rejects Blair's proposal on truce with Israel

Hamas on Saturday announced its rejection of a proposal by the Middle East Quartet's former envoy Tony Blair on reaching a long-term truce with Israel, a media report said.

UK`s Labour gears up for watershed conference

Britain`s opposition Labour Party will on Sunday begin its most fractious annual conference in a generation following the recent landslide election of leftwing radical Jeremy Corbyn as its leader.

Corbyn win shakes up UK Labour as Blair`s shadow fades

Anti-austerity leftwinger Jeremy Corbyn`s crushing win to become leader of Britain`s opposition Labour could divide his party`s MPs but give a boost to its grassroots power, commentators said on Sunday.

Socialist Jeremy Corbyn elected UK opposition Labour leader

Socialist Jeremy Corbyn elected UK opposition Labour leader

Avowed socialist and Karl Marx admirer Jeremy Corbyn was elected leader of Britain`s opposition Labour party on Saturday, a result that may make a British EU exit more likely and which senior figures have said would leave their party unelectable.

Amal Clooney to face Tony Blair's wife in human rights battle

Amal Clooney to face Tony Blair's wife in human rights battle

George Clooney's wife and Human Rights lawyer Amal Clooney has surely found a match for herself in the legal business as she will face Tony Blair's wife, Cherie Blair in the court.

US confident Islamic State cyber jihadist killed in Syria strike: Official

The United States is confident of having killed a top Islamic State cyber hacker and recruiter in a drone strike in Syria this week, US authorities said Thursday.

Labour leadership favourite vows to apologise on Iraq war

Jeremy Corbyn, a leftwinger touted to head Britain`s main opposition Labour party, said Friday he would apologise over the Iraq war if he wins next month`s leadership contest.

UK`s Blair warns of Labour `annihilation` over left surge

 Former British prime minister Tony Blair appealed to members of his Labour party to prevent a left-wing socialist candidate being elected its new leader, warning of electoral "annihilation".

Left-wing wild card leaps ahead in UK opposition race: Poll

A left-wing lawmaker who entered the leadership race of Britain`s opposition Labour party as a wild card may be on course to win with a commanding lead, a poll showed late Monday.

British PM wants EU employment law exemption: Reports

Prime Minister David Cameron is seeking a British exemption from European Union employment laws as part of his push to gain more autonomy from Brussels, newspapers said Saturday.

Deadline for Britain`s Labour leadership contenders

 Nominations for the leadership of Britain`s main opposition Labour Party close on Monday, with up to four runners expected to battle it out over the coming months.

Tony Blair to take on anti-extremism role in Europe

Former UK Prime Minister Tony Blair is set to take a new role as a chairman of an organisation that combats anti-Semitism and extremism in Europe, days after stepping down as the international community's Middle East peace envoy.

Tony Blair resigns as Middle East peace envoy

Former British prime minister Tony Blair has resigned as the Middle East peace envoy representing the US, UN, Russia and the European Union in the regional peace talks, a role he undertook after leaving 10 Downing Street in 2007, media reports said on Wednesday.

UK Prince Charles' secret letters finally made public

 Prince Charles said British troops were under-resourced during the war in Iraq, according to letters from him published on Wednesday which the government had tried to keep secret in case they cast doubt over the future king`s political neutrality.

Tony Blair says UK's Labour must reclaim centre ground

 Britain`s Labour Party must return to the political centre ground if it is to rebuild support after suffering a crushing defeat in Thursday`s general election, former Labour prime minister Tony Blair said in an article published on Sunday.

Schools run mock elections to instill `British values`

 Thirteen-year-old British student Jeffrey is planning to vote Labour. Not in Thursday`s general election, but in a mock vote organised by his school as part of a drive to promote "British values".

Tony Blair joins UK election fray with EU warning

 Former prime minister Tony Blair plunged into Britain`s general election fray on Tuesday, sounding a warning about the dangers of the country leaving the EU.