Gulf oil spill: Ex-BP boss Hayward may be charged with manslaughter

Possible charges include manslaughter, which carries up to 10 years jail.

BP boss Hayward resigns, Gulf spill to cost $32.2bn

BP`s vilified chief executive Tony Hayward resigned on Tuesday, as the British oil giant said the Gulf of Mexico disaster will cost it 32 billion dollars after causing a record quarterly loss.

Tony Hayward leaving as BP CEO: US official

One of the most likely successors is BP managing director Bob Dudley.

BP CEO Tony Hayward nears exit as spill work resumes

BP has decided CEO Tony Hayward should step down over his handling of the Gulf of Mexico oil spill.

BP chief likely to resign in wake of US oil spill

The chief executive of UK oil giant BP, Tony Hayward, was likely to resign within the next 24 hours in the aftermath of the catastrophic Gulf of
Mexico oil spill.

BP boss blasted over Gulf of Mexico oil spill

BP boss Tony Hayward said he would wait until BP finished its probe into the April 20 blast.