Canadian Prime Minister praises India

India and Canada have long standing and positive bilateral relations based on mutual interests, Prime Minister Stephen Harper has said and lauded the contributions of Indo-Canadians to the prosperity of his country.

Fighter jets escort Toronto flight after alleged threat

A flight carrying Canadians on vacation to Panama was turned around and escorted back to Toronto by two fighter jets today after an unruly passenger made threats against the aircraft.

Canadian fugitives captured after brazen helicopter jail break

Canadian police said on Sunday they had captured three fugitives who earlier this month escaped from a Quebec jail by helicopter, the second airborne prison break in the Canadian province in just over a year.

Edward Snowden appears via video at Toronto debate

Edward Snowden, the former US intelligence contractor who has been leaking information about government data collection programs, has said before a debate on state surveillance that entire populations, rather than just individuals, now live under constant surveillance.

Toronto mayor Rob Ford heading to rehab center: CBC

Toronto Mayor Rob Ford began a leave of absence and headed for a rehab center today after a report surfaced of second video of him apparently smoking crack cocaine.

Toronto crack mayor takes a break for rehab

Toronto`s scandal-plagued mayor Rob Ford, who has admitted to binge drinking and smoking crack, on Wednesday said he was taking a break to seek help for substance abuse.

Scandal-plagued Toronto mayor launches re-election bid

Toronto`s scandal-plagued mayor Rob Ford, who has admitted to binge drinking and smoking crack, has launched his bid for re-election.

Police say shots fired at Ontario court house

Police said on Friday shots have been fired at a court house just outside of Toronto.

Toronto Mayor Rob Ford gets daylight savings time wrong

"Rob Ford: the mayor who won`t even follow the dimensional rules of time," Toronto sports writer Bruce Arthur tweeted in one response to the Mayor`s gaffe.

Toronto`s scandal-plagued Mayor Rob Ford defends Justin Bieber

Toronto`s bad boy Mayor Rob Ford defended troubled pop star Justin Bieber after police in Canada`s largest city charged the teenager with assault, his second arrest in a week.

Toronto mayor sued over alleged jailhouse assault

Embattled Toronto Mayor Rob Ford is being sued by his sister`s ex-boyfriend for allegedly conspiring to have the man beaten in jail.

Toronto `crack mayor` caught out on new video

A new video surfaced yesterday showing Toronto`s scandal-plagued mayor -- who pledged to stay off alcohol after admissions of crack smoking and binge drinking -- in an apparent drunken stupor.

Huge icestorm causes chaos in Toronto

Thousands of people were left in darkness in Toronto, Canada`s largest city, after an icestorm brought down many power lines throughout the region.

US spied on 2010 global summit in Toronto: Report

Canadian authorities allowed the National Security Agency to spy in the country during the G8 and G20 summits in Ontario in 2010, CBC News reported, citing documents shared by former NSA contractor Edward Snowden.

Mayor Rob Ford stripped of powers, knocks over councillor

The controversy surrounding Toronto Mayor Rob Ford continued on Tuesday as he knocked over city councillor Pam McConnell in the council gallery.

Toronto Mayor Rob Ford admits buying illegal drugs

Toronto City Council asked embattled Mayor RobFord on Wednesday to take a break from his job to deal with "personal issues", which he admits include both buying illegal drugs and smoking crack cocaine.

Hugh Jackman goes frantic about Oz federal elections

Hollywood actor Hugh Jackman who was at the Toronto Film Festival on Friday afternoon to promote his new flick `Prisoners`, said that he was frantically trying to find out if he could cast his ballot in the Canadian city.

Justin Bieber attacked at Toronto nightclub: Report

Teen pop star Justin Bieber was reportedly attacked at a Toronto nightclub by a guest in the club.

Escaped python strangles two young brothers to death in Canada

In a tragic incident, two young brothers, aged 5 and 7, were strangled to death in their sleep by a massive 45-kg python that escaped from a pet store in Canada.

Toronto storm causes chaos throughout city

A severe thunderstorm caused flash flooding in Toronto, cutting power to at least 3,00,000 in Canada`s largest city.